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FBI shuts down global prostitution ring operating brothels in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, US, Canada
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13 years ago, D-Wade put on a perfect round to beat LBJ in the #TacoBellSkills Challenge

(via @NBAHistory)
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“What are those?!” 😱😂
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Let the Saturday night festivities begin 🍿
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If you don’t know, now you know. That boy can shoot!

Joe Harris is the NBA 3-PT Champion!!
If football had a 3-Point Contest… 😍
Think of all the people incarcerated right now on marijuana charges. And you wonder why so many people understand that criminal justice is often neither fair nor just.
Is Coach K the GOAT? 🐐

Congrats to Mike Krzyzewski on becoming the all-time winningest coach in college basketball history! 👏
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