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So this is real life.

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Reading about the band @BadfingerUK. What a nightmare they had.
This nonsense about "who can certify the copy of a document for legal purposes", on the official website, is virtually Edwardian. Why does it not include "mother" as an example of someone who is in good standing in the community? And why is banker there?
1. Trump supporter #AnnCoulter: "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot."
2. Trump response: "I don't know her."
3. Which is a line from @MariahCarey
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Dear @Mobike
Please ignore this. The bikes were piled up and photographed by someone who drives a MASSIVE four-by-four with heated seats and metal bars on the front, and they don't like having to slow down for human beings
Here's what happens in my area.
1. ‘Mobikes’ arrive (orange bikes for hire).
2. Scheme is a little flawed, but at least these bikes don't give anyone asthma or emit nitrates
3. Mobike-haters collect a load of them, stack them up, take a photo
4. Then there's a nimby pile-on
If this is fixture draws a crowd, it's only a matter of time before we have Live Buffalo against Manchester United and Live Snakes against Brighton
(via @simonsidward)

The Most Relevant

If Buddy Holly were alive today, he'd be 82. Instead he died in 1959 — sixty years ago today — "the day the music died."
The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens and the pilot also died. They were heading for Fargo. Holly hired the plane after heating problems developed on his tour bus.
This graphic is insane. I keep staring at it and thinking there must be something wrong. The gap between people in the poorest parts of Britain, and the richest.
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Oh, New Zealand, please let us borrow this advert in the UK. We need it so badly
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I'm trying to resist naming the bully in this film — his name is all over Twitter anyway.
More important, is it possible to do anything for the victim? A Syrian refugee who already had a broken wrist, apparently from a similar attack.
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Wait. Are these schoolchildren, out marching against climate change, actually chanting "Fuck Theresa May"?
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Maybe she didn't forget all that stuff after all, Mr President...
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For the record, this is the first election in 40 years where the Prime Minister has not appeared to be interviewed on @BBCRadio2
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