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#Israel | At least 21 Facebook pages with a total of 1 million followers spread hate messages.

A Saudi Air Force second lieutenant killed three people and wounded eight others in a shooting rampage. #PensacolaShooter 

#France is protesting against a pension reform with a general strike that has paralyzed public transport. #GreveGenerale 

#Bolivia | The Movement Towards Socialism designated Evo Morales as its campaign director for the next elections. #GolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia 

The reported test comes near the deadline Noth Korea set, warning it could take a “new path” amid stalled denuclearization talks.

"We are not alone in Bolivia or in the world, fighting with the truth for our dignity, united by life and democracy."

GDP does not measure the well being of a country's population.

Ukraine’s government and the International Monetary Fund have reached an agreement Saturday on a new three-year US$5.5 billion loan, which will encompass economic and policy reforms. #IMF 


A woman in the U.S. was thrown out on the streets by hospital staff because she didn't have insurance.

#Bolivia | Thousands of demonstrators peacefully march from El Alto to La Paz, rejecting the coup against @evoespueblo .

Hundreds of thousands protest in Santiago de Chile against Piñera's government, neoliberalism and repression. #LaMarchaMasGrandeDeChile 

"I dream of a #Bolivia  free of Indigenous satanic rites, the city is not for 'Indians,' they better go to the highlands or El Chaco," Senator@JeanineAnez  said on her Twitter account about her country where more than 65% of the population is Indigenous. #GolpeDeEstadoBolivia 

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#Venezuela | "Nobody voted for #JuanGuaido " citizens reject coup plotters. #Venezuela23E 

After the coup d'etat to the democratically elected president, #EvoMorales , hundreds of Bolivians take to the streets in protest. #GolpeDeEstadoEnBolivia  #EvoElMundoEstaContigo 

#Colombia 's main organizations of workers and students rejec #IvanDuque  ’s neoliberal policy package, which seeks to eliminate the state-based pension fund, increase the retirement age and hire young people with salaries below the minimum wage #21NSomosTodos  #ParoNacional