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  3. the demise of net neutrality will harm innovation in america.
The demise of net neutrality will harm innovation in America. https://t.co/do436FGzlw


Net neutrality vote: Why all the fuss? Here's my simple fix https://t.co/ksE9rnd2KU @ldignan
The FCC Chief Appeared In A Net Neutrality Video That Includes A Woman Who Pushed The Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory https://t.co/8uM8eX5elI via @JaneLytv
Read the full opinions of the FCC commissioners who voted to end net neutrality - CNET https://t.co/TvtOwAmrE1
The FCC’s vote to repeal net neutrality is wrong & disappointing. A free & open internet is critical to innovation, an open society, & widespread access to economic empowerment. will contin@Airbnbue to speak out for net neutrality.
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"The fight isn’t over.": The tech world reacts to the FCC's vote to kill net neutrality https://t.co/xJKG2sdMme
A timeline of the FCC's quest to destroy net neutrality https://t.co/IO9cpfx8Xx
The inability of Ajit Pai and Republican FCC commissioners to make a fact-based case for repeal of popular net neutrality rules will be a problem for GOP (@reckless / The Verge)

Read the full dissenting opinions of the FCC commissioners who tried to save net neutrality - CNET https://t.co/t86EM627XG
@fkashem1986 Let me be clear do not want to repeal net neutrality. Today's action to regulate broadband as an information service – changing the Internet back to how it was treated for most of the past two decades – does not end an open Internet. -Dan
New York Attorney General announces a multi-state lawsuit challenging the net neutrality vote https://t.co/5GJYYyxHXh by @tayhatmaker
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