This Unreal VR editor makes Minecraft look like child's play

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That was a very nice, athletic play by Knox to make the catch, break the tackle, keep his balance and score. Nice to have a TE capable of that

Watching the Texans today makes me want to watch more video of Kaepernick's workout. It was more exciting.

✔️ Read the corny self-help books. ✔️ Do the homework. ✔️ Let your therapist know when they’ve screwed up.

STEVE MAXWELL: Failed kitchen cabinet repaint and other reno questions | The Chronicle Herald

Given enough time and scale, all tech companies will eventually become a messaging and or payment platform.

Hey Twitter: Best historical nonfiction books about New Orleans?

Apps like FitBit and Apple Health collect some of the most sensitive data you have. Here's how to control what they can see, and what they can do with it.

Honestly, you just shake your head