Tanya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek

Shadow Minister for Education + Training, Member for Sydney. Authorised T Plibersek, ALP, Redfern.

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@ScottMorrisonMP  . is saddling young Australians with American sized university debts, at the same time as they are looking to save a deposit for a house, or start a family. It’s just not right.

How much is Scott Morrison’s superannuation cut going to cost your family?

Poor Karen. Very sensitive about the $3 billion her Govt has cut from TAFE and training, and the 140,000 Australian apprentices that have been lost on its watch #qt  #auspol 

If the Liberals actually cared about helping young people save enough for a house deposit, they wouldn’t be more than doubling the cost of basic university degrees to $58,000.

Another 2,000 jobs being outsourced at QANTAS. This is a tragedy for every family relying on these jobs. The same families I grew up with when my Dad worked there. We need secure work in this country.

The Governor of the Reserve Bank’s advice to young people: “study hard and if you can’t get a job right now, take a learning opportunity…learn a skill.” Yep, but the Liberals are more than doubling the cost of basic university degrees to $58,000 – for thousands of students.

To make sure all students with disability get the best education, government must commit to giving schools the support and resources to meet each student’s needs. #IDPWD2020 

govt tells people to raid their super to prop up spending without telling them if they keep that money in the bank it counts as a “liquid asset” &delays them getting unemployment benefits. Now govt is trying to double waiting period to 6 months. Costs unemployed c.$10.6k #qt 


The #ABC  should not be attacked by the Abbott Government for subjecting them to scrutiny. RT if you agree. #auspol 

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There’s a great Australian term for someone who talks a big game but never delivers on it. They’re called a bullshit artist. You don’t hear it much anymore, but maybe it’s due for a comeback?

Shock revelation that government has provided taxpayer subsidies for Clive Palmer Minerology private jets; Crown casino private jets and Leppington Pastoral Company private jets. But no money for Dnata (former Qantas Catering) workforce. How is this OK? #qt  #auspol 

Breaking: @JoshFrydenberg  admits that less than 5% of govt small business assistance has been distributed to businesses - only $1.7B out of $40B promised. Always read the fine print with this mob. Big on announcements - hopeless on delivery. #qt  #auspol 

UNBELIEVABLE! Govt are gagging debate on university changes. At the heart of this bill is a $1billlion cut to govt funding of universities. No wonder they don’t want people to know

It’s one rule for @ScottMorrisonMP , and another for everyone else. When a CEO spends $20k of taxpayer money on fancy watches, she loses her job. When a Liberal Party minister is busted ripping off taxpayers in a dodgy $30 million airport land deal, he keeps his job…

BREAKING: Education Department reveals that the Federal Government hasn’t provided a single dollar of extra funding for public schools during COVID-19. #auspol 

BREAKING: 18 months ago, Scott Morrison announced $51 million for a youth jobs program, but only $67,000 (or 0.10%) has been spent. Scott Morrison is all photo opp, and no follow up #estimates  #auspol