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Tania Ganguli

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Quinn Cook was one of two Lakers players to use the team facility this weekend. He had his temperature taken before he entered and had to change his shoes outside. Some details of what it was like thanks to his IG live with @JaredDudley619 

On a video call with @JaredDudley619  right now, he says there’s a misconception of the “bubble” concept when the season restarts. Players won’t be confined by league orders, he says, but it’ll be made clear that if you go somewhere and catch Covid-19 you won’t be able to play.

Dudley said he anticipates some players will have their families with them in (likely) Orlando, but not initially. He added that Giannis Antetokounmpo voiced concern about being away from his family since he has a newborn.

During a video call today, @JaredDudley619  was candid in sharing what he’s been told about the league’s plans for finishing the season. He sees the benefit of more transparency.

The podcast interview went back to her childhood and what it was like for her and her siblings during their parents divorce. “When everybody’s in that kind of anxiety I think it doesn’t lend itself to being supportive,” she said. “At least in my case.”

@Buck  asked how often she dreams of her father: “There have been moments in the last 7 years that I’ve had these very visceral dreams where either I’m going through some stress or I feel I’m not confident in a decision or whatever and there’ll be an appearance.”

The Dodgers are cutting salaries of every employee making more than $75k. The higher the salary, the bigger the cut, up to 35%. Story from @jorgeccastillo .


Lonzo Ball said Kyle Kuzma turned to him when they were down big in the third and said, "I'm about to start going." Lonzo's reply: "All right, I got you."

This is the back cover of our Kobe special section today. It breaks your heart.

LeBron gave his game-work shoes to a woman who works for the Grizzlies. He hugged her late in the fourth quarter and she was very emotional. Here’s why.

LeBron James takes on the hullabaloo about his Anthony Davis quote. This was good.

LeBron said the league asked him if he wanted his team to wear 24 or 2 for the All Star game. He picked 2, the number Gianna Bryant wore. Why? “Zhuri.”

Anthony Davis's X-Rays were negative, but he's sore, source says.