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High School students in 2017 have the same anxiety levels as insane asylum patients in the 1950s.

BREAKING: The latest numbers from the CDC reveal hospitals have been counting patients who died from serious preexisting conditions as COVID-19 deaths. That makes the already-low coronavirus death rate even lower.

Black Americans, motivated by the Black Lives Matter Movement and largely President Trump's entire first term, have been voting in record numbers.

So far, more than 8.7 million coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the United States. Here's how much cases are up compared with 2 weeks ago: 📈 North Dakota: +45% 📈 South Dakota: +37% 📈 Montana: +19% 📈 Wisconsin: +52% 📈 Guam: +84%

1. In March @BankofAmerica , with some fanfare, announced a modest increase in pay for employees who couldn't work from home ($200 every 2 weeks) CNBC reported that it would be in place for the duration of the pandemic This month, BofA ended the payments

ON THIS DAY - In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II met a galaxy of British and Hollywood movie stars as Mario Lanza musical “Because You're Mine" premiered in London. #OnThisDay 

A federal judge on Tuesday rejected a U.S. government request to drop Donald Trump as a defendant in a defamation lawsuit by a writer who said the president falsely denied raping her in a Manhattan department store a quarter century ago.

Little girl teaches her baby duck how to swim 😍