In the camp world of K-pop, it's hard for stars to be gay

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Coronavirus: Argentina becomes fifth country to surpass 1m cases

If the story isn’t true and if the emails aren’t real why isn’t Joe Biden coming out and denying it on the record??? Com’n man!?! Joe Biden is compromised. This is the foreign collusion and interference we’ve been hearing about for four years.

China bought the Bidens and now @realDonaldTrump  is the only thing that stands between the American worker and Joe’s inevitable surrender to China.

NY Post: How Donald Trump’s developer dad and a Brooklyn rabbi saved a synagogue

The DOJ is hitting Google with its long-awaited antitrust case today

Hunt on for future Covid mutations that cause treatments to lose potency

US billionaires saw their net worth rise by almost $1 trillion between March and October — Jeff Bezos remains the richest, a study says