In the camp world of K-pop, it's hard for stars to be gay

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🎶 "Ár lá has tiocfaidh'd now! - The Shinners take it all" IE A musical review of where everything stands after #G2020 . Ft. @GerryAdamsSF , Leo Varadkar, Micheal Martin, Paschal Donohue & Joan Burton! 😂🤣 #GiftGrub  @giftgrubmario  @IanDempsey 

Quizzes, influencers, IRA memes: How Election 2020 was won online

. @TheCoronas  are at it again - LOVE this 💛 IE ❤️ The lads dropped in to @IanDempsey  Breakfast Show to perform their new single 'Haunted' - lovin' it! #IrishMusic 

Boil water notice affecting 6,500 people issued in Co Cork

I notice that everyone complaining about taxpayers funding Trump's lap around the track at #Daytona500  had no problem paying for the $40 MILLION Mueller witch hunt. Cry. Me. A. River.

The Daytona 500 has been delayed due to a downpour of tears from the left.

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