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@janeamanning  @TheViewNot  your candidate? Do you vote in the Democratic primary from Australia? And last I checked, free speech isn’t McCarthyism.

Thank you @usweekly  for featuring me in this week’s issue of “What’s in My Bag”!

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Trump to pay $2mil over misuse of foundation & his children were required to take “in-person interactive” training class in how to be better board members. “The president and his family engaged in persistent violations of the law”. @DonaldJTrumpJr ⁩

Letter from whistleblower’s attorney points states outing whistleblower is attempt to impede cooperation with Congress 18 USC 1505, witness tampering Section 1512, and retaliation Section 1513. All Federal crimes. His law degree says it. #mylawdegreesaysit 

TONIGHT: Join me for an all new #TruthAboutMurder  where I look at the vicious murder of a pregnant young woman in a quiet seaside town. See how a chance encounter changes everything, sparking police to turn to a new lead that might be the answer. Watch at 10/9c on @DiscoveryID .

So honored. And humbled. @JujuChangABC  and @Nightline  for this profile. @ABC  @TheView  Thank you. 😘

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Puerto Rico did NOT get 91 billion dollars in hurricane relief. Puerto Rico suffered 91b in damages, appx 3,000 people died, but received only 1b in relief. Lies from the President about American lives.

I worked with Jim at CNN. He is a consummate professional and journalist. Shameful how he was treated today by the person sworn to protect the 1st Amendment.

👇🏽 a tv star says the president is a racist. Fireable offense?

My husband is Haitian. My children are Haitian. I am disgusted by the racist comments made today by . He owes me, my family, the wonderful people of Haiti and the American public an apology. I’m waiting.........

Been watching the 6 part docuseries #SurvivingRKellly  on as well as wiping from every device every R Kelly song I could find. Now figuring out how to use my law degree and years of prosecutorial sex crimes experience to help. #MuteRKelly 

Roof has confessed he intended to start a race war; now clear the attack was politically motivated & meets any definition of terrorism

Pres Trump signed an executive order to keep families together at the border. Let’s never forget that he created the crisis, blamed Democrats, & used children as pawns to get $25b to build a wall he said Mexico would pay for. Now how is he going to reunite families he tore apart?