Lorrie Goldstein

Lorrie Goldstein

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After Justin Trudeau asked for 'due diligence' on the WE deal, what did bureaucrats examine? Not the charity's finances or possible conflicts of interest, MPs told #cdnpoli 

Jessica Mulroney back on Instagram: “My incredible family have had to witness their mom in the worst state. These two boys (her sons) have not left my side and gave me the will to live and work hard when everything fell apart. They deserve the best birthday 🎂. Only up from here”

Andrew Scheer likely marking last day in House of Commons as Opposition leader #cdnpoli 

Now, that's transparency: Conservative Party has set up a website open to anyone who wants to watch party officials handle incoming ballots for their leadership race. Source: #cdnpoli 

On Labour Day, I want to thank all doctors, nurses, hospital and long-term care workers, all 1st responders (police, fire, paramedics), transit workers, grocery store, pharmacy & gas station employees, truckers & everyone else who stayed on the job from the start of the pandemic.


Dear Liberals: How come Stephen Harper was responsible for every social problem in Canada for the nine years he was PM, but Justin Trudeau isn't responsible for any of them for the past five. Take a knee. #cdnpoli 

CBC-TV Breaches Ethics Code: CBC failed to disclose Power & Politics panelist Amada Alvaro, who defended the Liberal government in the WE controversy, was paid more than $41,000 for public relations work by the Liberal government. #cdnpoli 

Health Minister Patty Hajdu's four weekend flights in April and May from Ottawa to her home/constituency in Thunder Bay and back cost taxpayers $73,220 while she told Canadians to avoid all unnecessary travel: | Blacklock's Reporter#cdnpoli 

Kanada, circa 2020: Shut down railway system for political protest. No fine. Block traffic at major intersections during rush hour for environmental protest, no fine. In jail for criminal offences? Get out of jail free. Walk too close to your neighbour. $1,000 fine. #cdnpoli 

Canada has world's 3rd largest oil reserves & is the 4th largest producer, 5th largest exporter, of natural gas Northern Gateway scrapped Energy East cancelled TransMountain stalled Coastal GasLink stalled Teck oilsands project withdrawn Keystone XL vetoed (by Obama) Madness.

So, under the WE Charity/Trudeau gov't student grant program, teachers get $12,000 to recruit 70 students paid up to $5,000 to 'volunteer' until the $900 million from taxpayers runs out. Doesn't this resemble a Ponzi scheme, albeit a legal one, with taxpayers as patsies? #cdnpoli 

This is bad. Very bad. The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen? The now retracted paper halted hydroxychloroquine trials. Studies like this determine how people live or die tomorrow