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@tingedfringe LOL, my conspiracy's mainstream today, Piers just said some say Kanye is a Trump stunt

Piers wants Labour policy detail. Awks. We thought "growing up" for the press was enough.

@JamesEFoster  @LibDemsI  @laylamoran ' @EdwardJDaveym  so over the partisan passion of my whole life at the moment, I don't even care. Not even after Swinson. If she was really good - a Sturgeon or Adern - I'd just be relieved and glad. I'm just desperate for good leaders.

@indigojo_uk  I've written similar lists of Lab achievements in that time. But it isn't enough to just say "but we did good things ". That just stops us asking if we're who we think we are. Does the bad-things list show a caring, anti-racist party? (rhetorical, it shocks me how much it doesn't)

When someone shows you Lou and Andy the first time, believe them ;)

First Jack ends Hatie Slopbins, now she's called out Walliams. @MxJackMonroe  you are a force for good. *Other* single Mum slebs should take lessons....Jack gets it right because she never forgot why she has her platform in the 1st place.

@archer_rs  I don't know if this is real, I don't really care. It's hysterical. Who knows, maybe this one brave soul will manage to cancel Brexit for all of us via a mayor in a small French village. John D'Acrington.

We have bought many neck and back massagers in our time. All sketchy. But if like me you get #SpoonieShoulderBoulders  - all the sitting/working/reclining - this actually works! You can get it right where you need it and the arm counterbalances are genius

@PippaCrerar  @adampayne26Half  of Starmer's front bench don't believe in free hospital parking. They say it isn't "progressive ". Or they used to.


I genuinely do find it odd that Johnson is supposedly 12 points ahead in the polls and gets booed everywhere he goes and Corbyn supposedly the most unpopular leader of all time, and he gets mobbed/cheered. It bucks all expectations and I don't get it.

OMG!!!! National debt went over TWO TRILLION and I didn't even see it reported. It was £700 Billion when Labour left power!! They've TRIPLED NATIONAL DEBT!!!! TRIPLED (Debt increasing at £18 million an HOUR)

Tory MP on my telly just said "We don't expect a second wave now until August." He said it out loud. Is this the first confirmation of what we've heard from health workers informally for weeks?

A Tory MP has complained about this ad. Do RT it all day long won't you?

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Independent Group will back May in any vote of confidence, says Allen

Dear supermarkets. Just so you know, I will never, ever be buying meat from you again, unless you can guarantee me it was raised in the UK. Preferably the name of the actual farm, so I can check. We aint havin ' no chorine nuggets, thanks.

Labour MP Tony Lloyd also in ICU :( Best wishes to his family and for a speedy recovery.

OK, I know they're totally unscientific, but I am curious to see who my own Twitter bubble fancies in the leadership election. Feel free to reply with "others"

12 minutes of Twitter and I'm out. A kid passed out as he arrived at school on Monday. He hadn't eaten since his last school lunch on the Friday. The world is a blanking blank head.