India / Citizenship Amendment

Let’s make a new start as the year ends. Let’s eliminate the contractors of opinion. Let’s have India speak its mind minus self-appointed spokespersons.I’m starting a weekly poll on issues that touch your life. Question of this week: Do you support the Citizenship Amendment Act?

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India / Citizenship Amendment

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#WATCH A squadron leader of Indian Air Force at a forward airbase near Indo-China border says, "Every air warrior at this base and across IAF is fully trained and capable to meet all the challenges. Our josh has always been high and touching the sky with glory."

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People dunking on the founding should appreciate that they’re taking a sledgehammer to the very soapbox they’re standing on. No founding, no free speech, no right to assemble, no due process. If you think that’s all just “white supremacy,” try protesting and carping without it.

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Today, Earth will swing toward the outermost point in its orbit, known as aphelion. Everyone on the planet will be 3 million miles farther from the sun than when we are closest to it.

Once a 215-pound athlete with chiseled muscles and astounding strength, 40-year-old Ahmad Ayyad looked like a completely different person after surviving coronavirus. He was in an induced coma for 25 days.