The sad thing about Facebook ads is that someone goes on to look at silly memes and then they end up buying some $2k course on how to manifest from the universe a week later.

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Oh God this guy is followed by several of my friends and gets thousands of retweets for saying the Hong Kong protests are a fascist death cult

Did the Trump tax cuts work? Former top White House advisor Gary Cohn comes to the defense.

Fidelity manager overseeing Uber and WeWork stakes departs

"Just $1.99 for your first month of..MiamiHerald,com, the Miami Herald Digital Newspaper, and all the mobile apps. After the first month, your subscription will be renewed automatically at $15.99 per month.. [or] "Only $159.99 for a full year" #newspapers 

Ford just unveiled its all-electric Mustang Mach-E — take a look.

John McDonnell will tomorrow release a report - ‘In The Pockets of The Few’ - claiming that 48 of the UK’s 151 billionaires have financially supported the Conservatives since 2005: here’s the list

Chicago’s police pension fund has decided to pull about $67 million it has invested with Ken Fisher's firm

U.S. agencies haven’t adequately responded to Chinese-funded programs that exploit U.S. research to strengthen China’s economy, a Senate report says