People are so busy chasing passive income that they don't earn an income.

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Schiff’s star witness is crumbling under pressure. He wasn’t listening to the phone call and he has never even met President Trump.

I agree with Ambassador Taylor – withholding security assistance to a country fighting Russian aggression for no policy or substantive reason is wrong. RT if you agree.

JUST IN: The U.S. budget deficit widened in October, the first month of the fiscal year, as government spending increased and receipts declined

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Because the White House obstructed justice by preventing witnesses with first hand knowledge from testifying.

Bloomberg: U.S.-China Trade Talks Hit Snag Over Farm Purchases. In the coming weeks, perhaps months, we will see if both parties really want/need a #tradedeal  or not. If not they risk a #recession .

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The U.S.'s top milk producer just filed for bankruptcy as more Americans turn away from cows milk

“Last week, a study from economists ⁦ @ColumbiaUEnergy ⁩ found that the tax plan with the most support in Congress would slash American carbon pollution by almost 40 percent within a decade.” Great summary of our latest work @noahqk ⁩

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says there is ‘no reason’ why the U.S. economy’s record-setting expansion, now in its 11th year, cannot continue

Exclusive: Trade talks between the U.S. and China have hit a snag over farm purchases