Please be careful for "I quit my job with no backup plan" content on social media. I don't want you to be homeless because of a blogger selling a course on blogging. Real life comes with bills. You may start a great business but not be profitable for a bit.

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Under @HouseGOP  Majority, the @WaysandMeansGOP  hearing room was used to improve the lives of Americans with things like #GOPTaxCuts  & combatting the opioid crisis. Today, it's being used as the backdrop for a partisan charade to overturn the will of the American people.

JUST IN: The U.S. budget deficit widened in October, the first month of the fiscal year, as government spending increased and receipts declined

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Disney stock rises more than 3% after it passes 10 million Disney+ subscribers.

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The U.S. is in the 11th year of an economic expansion — the longest in U.S. history. “There’s no reason this expansion can’t continue,” Fed Chair Powell said today.

I really can't get over how relieved Powell must be that Trump is in the White House frothing at the mouth over something else on CSPAN

“What you heard did not happen!” Rep. Jim Jordan, a top GOP House Intelligence Committee member, grills Ambassador William Taylor, alleging his understanding of the events in question could be wrong #ImpeachmentHearings 

The world is full of smart poor people. Retweet if you agree. #financialeducation 

The tax increases to come: Democrats in Congress want to raise the top individual rate to 47%.

President @realDonaldTrump  voluntarily chose to release the transcript of his phone call which clearly shows he did nothing wrong. This impeachment circus is a total sham, and Adam Schiff is the clown at the center of it all.

Taylor tries to answer question, Rattcliffe cuts him off saying he doesn't have time for answer