Please be careful for "I quit my job with no backup plan" content on social media. I don't want you to be homeless because of a blogger selling a course on blogging. Real life comes with bills. You may start a great business but not be profitable for a bit.

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If Senate Republicans don’t act on a covid bill, millions of Americans will face some combination of expiring unemployment benefits, student loan bills coming due, eviction, and/or foreclosure. Let’s pass a bill.

Trump Isn't Going to Give an INCH! No how. No way. This election is going to wind up heading to the Supreme Court.

Bank of England Governor Bailey March 2020, when #BTC  was trading $3,400... This is why he is paid the big bucks.

Grocers have been gearing up to sell smaller turkeys and more-modest meals this Thanksgiving, as many Americans are opting to limit the size of gatherings amid the pandemic #WSJWhatsNow 

Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 through November 7th (Yellow line). Red circles are mortality for 2017-18 flu and 2020 Covid. Infection spikes lead mortality by 2-3 weeks. This is going to get very ugly for the next months...

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Brink, a new fund for Bitcoin developers, led by @jfnewbery  and @BitSchmidty  just launched, with support from @HRF , @sqcrypto , @krakenfx , @GeminiDo @jlppfeffer @AlyssaHertigCom , reports

President Trump will pardon a turkey today. It isn’t his first. With 8 weeks to go it probably won’t be his last. The ones that follow are likely to be way more controversial though.

#BREAKING : #naira '>Th #Naira  set a new low on the black (read: free) market. This mean #Food  an #Fuel  will grow more expensive by the day. Sadly, @mbuhari '>Sleep @MBuhari  remains oblivious. Today, I measur #Inflation  i #Nigeria  at 35.75%/yr. This is over 2x the official rate.

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David Dinkins loved tennis. I played with him once, doubles on Roosevelt Island about 20 years ago. He liked to hit drop shots, which made his name an aptronym. RIP

Irish authorities are concerned about a potential ban on some meat exports to the U.K. as a result of Brexit