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See how my brother started a profitable business as a teenager. I didn’t realize how much demand there was for a decent barber!

You don't have to be original or creative when it comes to an online business. You could just make an existing idea better or different.

Can one use Covid-19 as an excuse for not buying any gifts this year? Asking for a friend.

The average student loan debt is now at $32,731. Please consider your debt before going back to college.

My long term business goal: hire someone. Has anyone done this?

My 2020 goal is to turn all drafts and ideas into guest posts to spread the word about Studenomics. I’m at 9 guest posts. Looking for more opportunities for guest posts if you would like amazing content!

"I cant find a decent workout program that will help me lose fat while gaining muscle." "I want to get into bitcoin or some sort of investing." What do these two statements have in common? People stress out about the details instead of just getting started.

When someone tries to ask me for business advice, I give them homework first to see if they're serious. If someone can't read an article for 5 minutes, then they're just looking for an audience and not business advice.

I heard from a friend who still hasn't started his podcast because he's waiting on his co-host. You can't wait on anyone. If someone isn't as passionate about a project as you, they're only going to bring you down.

I did archery tag for my birthday in 2019. A rule in my social circle is that you have to do a fun activity for your birthday (before the real party). Never stop playing.

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If you find out that a friend happens to be to struggling financially, do NOT lecture them about an emergency fund. Nobody wants to be lectured right now.

Did you know that you could save money by removing all joy from your life?

A young man on Facebook wrote about how he quit a job because it didn’t align with his values (whatever that means). Now he’s struggling to pay his rent. Not everything is a philosophical conundrum. Sometimes you have to pay the bills.

Personal finance isn’t all about cutting every expense. A major aspect of money management is figuring out how to make more money to enjoy life.

A crappy job doesn't just take up the 40 hours a week. You end up being miserable most of the time when you're not working. You also likely will spend your free time complaining about work.

At 32 I can confirm that avoiding marriage is a financial hack.

Most people don’t realize how much entrepreneurs value support from friends and family until they taste entrepreneurship for the first time. A buddy buying your $10 book means the world.

If you take a cold shower at 5AM right after taking your CBD oil and meditating, are you guaranteed to be a millionaire that same day?

If you want to quit your job, then make a plan this weekend. Don’t just complain to your friends. -How much money do you need saved to cover bills? -Can you find a new job? -Will you make money on your own? -How long will it take to quit?

I did an entire story on Airbnb experiences! I get paid to drink coffee with people!