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I love writing about side hustles because there are too many people selling the dream with promises of "passive income." You can easily build a little side income in your free time without stressing about email funnels.

It likely took you 4 years to finish college and then another year of interviews before you landed your job. Don't expect your side hustle to become your main income after 4 months.

The sad thing about Facebook ads is that someone goes on to look at silly memes and then they end up buying some $2k course on how to manifest from the universe a week later.

I don’t think that everyone should be self-employee, but I truly believe that everyone should at least experience what it’s like to make money on their own. It’s pretty addicting.

I try to make personal finance fun because planning your weekends is difficult enough!

I was nice to annoying emails but then I realized that I work for myself and can be a jerk!

I was zoning out while listening to a podcast and then I heard the host ask the guest if he knew who his 8 guys were that would carry his casket.... I plan on outliving everyone but that’s a deep one!

I put up a "Studenomics For Hire" page in 2012 and ended up working at a startup in Austin for a bit thanks to a lead on here. Social media is pretty cool.

In 2016, I rented out my condo on #airbnb  and made enough money in three weeks to live for free for 3 months! You can rent out that extra room for cash. Find out how...

Business advice online: "Manifest from the universe and stay true to your values." Real business problems: Client didn't pay on time and you can't pay your rent. Manifesting from the universe doesn't help.


If you take a cold shower at 5AM right after taking your CBD oil and meditating, are you guaranteed to be a millionaire that same day?

People will mock me about my interest in personal finance because they say that life's too short to stress about saving $. I believe that life's too short to be broke and to not have money to see what the world has to offer.

A buddy asked for advice on social media and business. I told him to take me for coffee or Chipotle sometime. He hasn’t responded. I don’t need the $2 coffee or $10 lunch. I just want him to show that he’s at least willing to commit a little before I spend time on him.

I see people looking for ground breaking advice when all they really need is consistency.

One of the worst things that you can do in your 20s is spend money on trying to look rich. You hold yourself back from actually having money in your 20s. I have a friend who had a BMW and place he couldn't afford in his 20s. Now he can't afford anything.

People are so busy chasing passive income that they don't earn an income.

If personal finance and personal fitness were so simple, then we would have more rich and jacked people.

It's amazing how you can feel like you're failing on a daily basis but then when you look back in 6 months you notice all of the progress that you made.

Please be careful for "I quit my job with no backup plan" content on social media. I don't want you to be homeless because of a blogger selling a course on blogging. Real life comes with bills. You may start a great business but not be profitable for a bit.

Being patient is really boring, but personal finance is a long game. The numbers add up. One day you'll see $10,000 in your bank account and be glad that you started.