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This is my plan for 2018.
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This is my plan for 2018.


Because there are so many different kinds of disabilities, there hasn’t really been any centralization in the space.

For all people, this could come as something of a relief. There will likely always be a market opportunity for #assistive technology: https://t.co/krkNl7TiWY
Erick Vega, a member of the GoEngineer Techincal Support team uses @SOLIDWORKS and @Stratasys 3D Printing to create a case for the volume control on his #SiberiaHeadset. Find out why and how this blog post: https://t.co/KHzUxLRDu3
Oscar-winning costume designer Yvonne Blake, who was born in Britain but lived most of her life in Spain, died this week after a stroke. She was best known for the original Superman suit that she designed for Christopher Reeve in 1976 https://t.co/bM53Fy6kYd
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Join us in Los Angeles this September for #MWCA18 to get an exclusive first look at the latest innovations in #mobile. Register now https://t.co/cA6JvyNc8L
This wire-free home security camera has 6-month battery life for half the price of an Arlo Pro 2 https://t.co/8qozfW007h
Microsoft's channel boss Gavriella Schuster has predicted this year will be its best ever, thanks to the support of partners and their efforts to drive digital transformation forwards for clients.
This Startup Makes Car Insurance for People Who Hate Owning Cars https://t.co/IzHu0wa3Rw
Adobe Photoshop on iPad? This ‘Hotel Transylvania 3’ artist is ready for the revolution https://t.co/Kx9hZPJwjG
I'm a one-issue voter for 2018 and beyond. Make politics boring again.
Using projected data provided by Crunchbase, @crunchbasenews reported that Q2 2018 marks new post-Dot Com highs for both VC deal and dollar volume around the world, the latter of which was propelled by a surge in late-stage deals (Series C and above). https://t.co/UO2WkxdStM
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