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Author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, NYT bestseller and winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize. Photo by Tanya Rosen-Jones.

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A) The GOP is a cult, not a party.
B) If Democrats ever talked this way about a Democratic politician, I'd feel the same way, and want to slap them upside the head.
C) These blithering ninnies pose more danger to this country than I've seen in 60 years.
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"Nothing is more dependable now than the passion the heartless display when trans people’s humanity is offered up for mockery." - @JennyBoylan https://t.co/wZQxWtWpYq
My fellow San Franciscans, there are two things we must do on November 6th. One is to VOTE. We need to VOTE our way out of this Hell. And the other is to see @thedavidcrosby and his amazing band at the iconic @castrotheatre. Tix still available here: https://t.co/6JKOkzSoQb
The billboards leading into San Francisco from the airport seem almost gratuitously inclined toward technobabble: "Ghost Your On-Prem," really?
Horrifying: Video shows off-duty cop shooting unarmed black autistic teen. The teenager survived, but is traumatized. [via @NeuroRebel] https://t.co/ZOIV7r7Srp
Oliver, a young autistic man, begged not to be given antipsychotic drugs after a seizure. He was, and he died. His mother seeks justice. #Oliverscampaign https://t.co/8AqudhXLqy
Sensory-friendly film showings for folks with autism turn out to be a hit in the United Arab Emirates. https://t.co/e1tbyzKmXp
This is a powerful image. [via @socialworktutor]
@dpentecost @RogerMcGuinn @RecCollMag Well sure, but it seems like that could be worked out with a single email to an editor rather than a public shaming on Twitter. Just saying.
@RogerMcGuinn Roger, people wish they could listen to your music without paying for it - and do, through streaming services. They're not good for you, or good for music. Magazines need to stay afloat and pay their writers too. I understand paywalls are annoying, but...
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