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Author of NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, NYT bestseller and winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize. Photo by Tanya Rosen-Jones.

Latest Scoops

The bottom line is that Trump decisions like this will hamper our ability to get into the future successfully. https://t.co/BNa25QDCzg
Notice: This guy, who threated to shoot @CNN employees for "fake news," is precisely the kind of racist, anti-Semitic terrorist who would have been scrubbed from Sessions' terror report, which Trump is using to push deportations and the Wall. https://t.co/bAhvs5blkU
Berenice Abbott took amazing photos of science - "Parabolic Mirror, 1958" https://t.co/DdNSdcH3XE
Man arrested after making multiple phone threats to kill @CNN employees, using Trump's favorite epithet: "Fake news." https://t.co/CyaEPAaxB2
Trump waves dozens of environmental regulations to build his National Monument to Racism. https://t.co/Dk9zfg9FF3
As per @fraying, I deleted that disgusting anti-Semitic image tweeted by @pnehlen. @fraying is right: no need to spread the virus.
Because editors think they missed out on white male rage during the election (Putin LOVES that reasoning, by the way), they're missing one of the biggest stories of now: A huge uprising of women against Trump. https://t.co/E3vBGQnnEe
After he finishes wrecking the country, Trump should do a comedy show on Fox where he does racist imitations of various minority groups. His base would love it! Call it "Economic Anxiety." https://t.co/L13peDyymu
Christ on a Tide Pod. We deserve better than this pathetic mess. https://t.co/IvhQmejVBz
To prop up Trump's racist immigration policy, Sessions cherry-picked the stats in the DHS report and sidelined DHS analysts. In a sewer of an administration, Sessions is one of the worst. https://t.co/Pg6XXxd0V7
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