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Whatever you do, don’t try that in ppt anymore.

Al Jaffee Explains How Mad Magazine Made American Humor Jewish via @jdforward  // Ein schprach izt nisht genug

@neilcybart  It is a horrible move. I don’t see them motivated by the next billion. The next billion also doesn’t make for the best ecosystem customers.

Maybe what we're seeing is a reality that putting smart in devices is a much more strategic decision than thought, and doing what is possible because of the supply chain isn't right but separating information/control from human interface is right. Like we don't need "smart" TVs.

What is really going on now with "smart" home is analogous to the middle of PC era c. 2000 when we tried to turn everything into a PC. Right end experience (eg computable) but wrong implementation. Turning everything into a "phone" is right end experience, wrong implementation.

@gruber  @recklessThere 's a lot of distance to cover from doing amazing headphones to "dominating every market it wants ". Many platforms have been feared for their ability to dominate anywhere and, well, that doesn't happen it seems (including for Apple.)

Google’s ads just look like search results now // feels to me consistent with a rise of affiliate links (buy-links to mentioned products) on many news / reviews sites. Just more stuff to cause care when links are clicked since the design is intentional.

@reckless  @gruber1  @ianbetteridge / @benthompson  Story of Apple's challenges is never connected to what Windows did to them. Mac sales peaked and plummeted around Windows 95, due in large part to being expensive, under-powered, and limited choice (and 68K to PPC transition) and a lack of s/w as result (including browsing).

Hey, do you have a soundcloud? :-)


1/ 2010 was the start of a most interesting time of the PC (and me). Reflecting back at how the decade ending in a few hours began. From the outside it was an exciting time in the PC industry. Windows 7 had just launched. Things would seem to be off to a solid start.

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Bankers, venture capitalists and investors poured cash… // Several times in this article the ire is directed at Silicon Valley, yet nearly all of the parties AND the company are in NYC. The SV people seemed to be the ones trying to put the brakes on.

In 1984 when 19 different word processors were reviewed in PC Magazine, they looked at “the right way to test—function by function.” This included bold/underline/center, search and replace, error beep (or not), and recovering from floppy disk errors.

I feel for @elonmusk  and the broken window demo. We’ve all had awkward demo moments with Windows. PS: Cybertruck is amazing.

Trivia: Bill Gates (and board) took Series A venture funding for Microsoft (selling 5% for $1M in 1981). The company was profitable and had >1 year operating cash in the bank—specifically (in part) to bring venture expertise to the company board.

Disney+ crashed on launch day because its software wasn’t ready for the demand // I find it puzzling that there’s a view that streaming is a commodity and content is everything. It is really really difficult technology to do well AND scale.

Retail Costco was willing to sacrifice "$30, $40 million a year on gross margin by keeping it at $4.99," …chickens are a lure, pulling customers into stores and getting them to browse the aisles, adding sometimes hundreds of dollars worth of items…

Goals: Tired. SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Wired. FAST: embedded in Frequent discussions; Ambitious in scope; measured by Specific metrics and milestones; and Transparent for everyone in the organization. 😕

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