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Producer on the Internet for ESPN. My high school football number was 57, because of the movie Passenger 57.

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tv being made at ESPN
@djacoby @Stugotz790 @minakimes
Aaron Rodgers beat the Steelers in a Super Bowl.

I still really like Aaron Rodgers.
Guys. They don’t have football in Ireland.

Imagine a gif of you trying to play rugby.

/ends defense of billionaire fighter.
which of the NFL clubs are the good ones?
This is a humblebrag tweet but people ask me all the time “who is the coolest person you’ve met at ESPN” - I always answer with @sethmeyers. Got to work with him on the @ESPYS twice.

Excited for @nbcsnl tonight!
The @penguins are on ESPN+ again tonight.

If you’re subscribed as a fan of the Pens - the game starts as soon as you open the ESPN app.
kyle mooney of @nbcsnl is sitting behind home plate at Yankee Stadium which reminds me of this important video https://t.co/MUcKUreONC
Billy Crystal reading my tweets
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