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Armed bakery owners stop rioters from looting their store

Till we fix our home, we have no power ... it starts from the motherland. Africa Wake up !!! God be with our brothers and sisters out there ✊🏿

As the Democrat-controlled cities are burned and looted, and innocent citizens are terrorized, leftwing Axios and the rest of the Democrat Party-media continue their relentless propaganda campaign against the president

4 St. Louis cops shot after 'peaceful' protest turned violent

At least 5 police officers shot, one in life support

Media furious president visited church rioters nearly burned down

Trevor on stop-and-frisk and the history of police harassment in communities of color. #BetweenTheScenes 

Biden continues his unhinged and inflammatory attacks on Trump; shows no leadership in failure to strongly denounce rioters, arsonists, and looters

This is the kind of sickening BS CNN is peddling.