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Latest Scoops

As U.S. imposes new sanctions, “The big picture is that Iran crude exports won’t grind to a halt, and about a million barrels a day will continue to move out,” says Peter Sand, chief shipping analyst at Bimco. Ways around sanctions are always found.https://t.co/70npXGVWOl
If Bolsonaro wants to end #Brazil's economic mediocrity, he needs to add some rules to Brazil's rulebook:
1. Increase fiscal order and transparency
2. Establish supermajority voting for important fiscal decisions
3. Simplify the tax system and lower #taxes
NYC government-run MTA plans to buy Grand Central Terminal from a private firm. Like NYC’s public housing, Grand Central will be in ruins before long. https://t.co/hnBHyDS16u
#Venezuela's annual inflation rate measured for today is 49,242%. For an understanding of the hyperinflation in VNZ, watch my interview with @CCTV_America here:https://t.co/k4cZWCjUhQ
The current house & senate divide is a good thing. The prospect of war declines with divided government. All the major wars in the 20th century in the US were with unified government.
My interview with @cgtnamerica about hyperinflation in Venezuela and the economic crisis its citizens are facing. https://t.co/3ysgK3PIu7
If @edmnangagwa wants real reform and change in Zimbabwe he will need to dollarize, deregulate and remove the crushing 2% transfer tax. Rampant corruption only makes things worse. Zim ranks towards the bottom in the WEF's Global Competitiveness Report.
Listen to my interview on the @OMFIF podcast about the midterm elections, divided government, fiscal policy & more. @MarkSobel_OMFIFhttps://t.co/KjTUQlD6Tp
A transparent set of fiscal accounts, supermajority voting for important fiscal decisions, and simpler, lower taxes would give #Brazil’s #Bolsonaro credibility & Brazil a much needed positive confidence shock.https://t.co/Xhiqp9wjDm
#Bitcoin is too volatile to be considered a serious currency of the future @WSJ
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