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Teachers are striking in Los Angeles as the city's bankrupt #pension system has brought its school district to the brink of death. As teachers in the #Socialist Republic of California are learning, endless taxes & public pensions have been a total disaster https://t.co/8fPZCGMabP
As I've been predicting, abandonment of dollarization has resulted in another inflation surge in #Zimbabwe, measured today at 236%/yr. If Zim fails to remove RTGSs & bond notes from the system, the economy will collapse within 1 yr. or less @PaulWallace123https://t.co/S98uSMfrD5
The latest casualties from the US-China #trade war are American businesses now seeking refuge in China to avoid import #tariffs. Pres. Trump's trade war is backfiring, as expected. Import tariffs are paid for by US companies, not the Chinese or their gov't https://t.co/oDyeRTQD1l
Ravaged by #socialist policies &a worthless bolivar, Venezuelans are unable to purchase food, medicine, other essential goods. , wh#AirDropVenezuelaich I lead, helps to solve the problem. Donate $10 in crypto to provide VNZs w/the purchasing power of the $.https://t.co/fl1qPgIWyc
De Blasio continues to enlarge government's size, empowering him and his cronies in corrupt style.
The opposition in #Venezuela has declared victory. Fine. The only problem is that the opposition only has one idea: it wants “in” & Maduro “out”. After that, the opposition is an empty shell with no coherent ideas about what to do next.
Get real. #China’s economy is controlled by what is in essence an organized criminal syndicate: the Communist Party.
Martial Law has been declared in #Zimbabwe by #Mnangagwa as protests erupt. Communications (internet, email etc.) have been shut down. "The Croc" is offering assets (ex. mines) to the #Russians in return for support. If all of this isn't bad enough, inflation is soaring at 235.8%
France’s President Emmanuel Macron has kicked off town hall meetings, which are certainly not very French. This is a futile maneuver by the President of the Republic who is plunging in the polls. He will finish his tour more exposed as the gas bag that he is & down in the polls.
My take on Brexit: Brussels will manipulate the UK until it votes & votes, & votes to get the vote “right”: to reject Brexit & stay in the EU.
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