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Biden signed an order that lifts the Trump administration’s ban on transgender troops serving in the military

Republicans: “We’ve packed the Court to our satisfaction and we’re not having you re-pack it!”

Today, by reversing the harmful, discriminatory policy of the previous administration, President Biden has ensured that thousands of transgender service members will be able to serve as their authentic selves.

The idea we should look to Gordon Brown as some sort of "saviour of the Union" is hilarious. After all, wasn't he the guy who hugely exacerbated the UK's banking crisis by placing his faith in "light-touch regulation" and letting bankers do as they chose in 1997-2007? #Shredded 

The Treasury department is taking steps to resume the effort to put Harriet Tubman on the $20, @jrpsaki  says

“I cannot think of anything that I’ve seen that is nearly as insane as what is going on with GameStop right now,” Loop Capital Markets Analyst Anthony Chukumba says about GameStop stock rising. “This is not a situation like Tesla where the stock keeps going up and up.“

Investment in space companies put at record $8.9 billion in 2020 despite Covid

Protect yourself and other passengers. Please note that wearing a medical facemask during boarding, on board and when leaving the airplane will be mandatory from 1 February 2021. Learn more at #WeCare 

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Israel is leading the world in vaccinating its population against Covid-19. @kbenme  explains what's working

Democratic @SenatorLeahy , the Senate president pro tempore, is expected to preside over Trump’s impeachment trial, according to a source

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