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"That person you call an enemy is so very often a bruised reed—even those enemies who can seem most aggressive, most outspoken. Shall we break them in our righteous response?"

Trump again says Russia bounty story was "fake issue." It wasn't. He says it "never reached my desk." It was in his PDB. He says "intelligence - they didn't think it was real." They did. And he says "if it reached my desk, I would have done something about it." It did, he didn't.

"This thing is going away. It will go away like things go away." Trump, to Fox, on coronavirus.

"The United States confirmed 56,105 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, with 8.1 percent of the 695,586 tests reported coming back positive. An additional 1,383 deaths were attributed to the virus on Tuesday."

What's happening with Uighurs in China? A helpful explainer from @njhochman .

This is an outstanding explainer on coronavirus and mutation from @FahlOutBerg .

"Thanks in part to President Trump’s history of tearing up near-complete legislative deals he doesn’t like, Senate Republicans have essentially relinquished the actual talks with congressional Democrats to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin." @top_eggs 

1. Good for Pompeo. 2. The intelligence reporting was never a hoax. 3. Why hasn't Trump raised this issue with Russians directly?

The first in a series of articles from @thedispatch  designed to go beyond horse-race coverage, to look at a prospective Biden Agenda from the center-right. An insightful piece from James Capretta on what health care policy might look like under Joe Biden.


Ronald Reagan, on the KKK: "The politics of racial hatred & religious bigotry practiced by the Klan & others have no place in this country."

Amazing. The Trump admin says for weeks that governors are responsible for securing equipment/tests for their states. Then MD Gov Hogan obtains 500k tests from South Korea and he's mocked by Adm Giroir and pilloried by Pres Trump for having done so.

BREAKING: A senior State Dept official discussed a "quid pro quo" w/the FBI in exchange for reclassification of HRC emails, per FBI docs.

Got it. Russia attacks our elections, steals our cyber secrets, supports our enemies and meddles (currently) in our 2018 vote - and they’re worthy of G-8 membership. But a strong G-7 ally says something POTUS doesn’t like at a press conference and it’s time for toughness?

"King claimed our reporter lied. He didn’t. He claimed we didn’t have a recording. We do. He insisted we refused to release the audio. Untrue." The audio makes clear King was quoted accurately. We stand by the story.

Brennan is an incredible hack. He's been caught lying repeatedly. He routinely politicized intelligence. He sought to silence dissenting intel voices. Whatever you think about Trump's decision, it's a mistake to lionize a political hack.

When Brennan was CIA Director, his agency presented unnecessary NDAs to Benghazi survivors -- at a memorial service for their fallen comrades. An ugly attempt to silence them.

Sad. Imagine thinking about TV ratings right now. Imagine thinking those ratings indicate an interest in you, rather than concern about a global pandemic and the deep recession it has caused. 16,000 dead, 450,000 infected, 16.5 million unemployed.