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With guidance from Maverick Carter, LeBron James as a team owner could be special.
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It’s good to be back. See y’all on @FirstTake at 10am EST.#Holla
That was a B.S. flagrant foul called on @Money23Green. That was a basketball play. Steve Kerr’s has every right to go ballistic. The @NBA is great, except in moments like this. I could question what they’ll start handing out to officiate these games, but I don’t want any trouble.
What a comeback by @DukeMBB. They brought it in the last 10 minutes if this game. Zion is the truth as a competitor, and Reddish is underrated. But damn, @LouisvilleMBB just broke down. Complete and utter panic by their guards, plain and simple.
OMG! Sitting home sick, but watching @DukeMBB’s 23-point COMEBACK on @LouisvilleMBB. While I can applaud the way L’Ville played until late, what a complete meltdown. Every single one of their guards wanted NO PARTS of ballhandling responsibilities. And oh, Cam Reddish can SHOOT!
@AntonioB @steelersrown Yo DO NOT LISTEN to this. @AntonioBrown I hear . I hear his frustration. But he is TOO GREAT to let go over this. Y’all are grown men. Work it out. Find a way. Because you don’t just replace AB. Damnit, y’all got me riled up on my sick day. I’m suppos #Damne to be resting.!
Damn, people! @russwest44 a 10th-straight Triple-Double. Him & @Yg_Trece becoming 1st in NBA History with 20+pt triple-doubles. And PG with 47pts. I mean....Damn! This dynamic duo is becoming THE STORY of the NBA. And way to go PG for sharing that love with Russ. #ThisUsSpecial2C
After Dark Podcast: @MauriceBenard of @GeneralHospital fame joins me.
After Dark Podcast: LeBron's controversial Instagram post, and his subsequent explanation of it.
After Dark Podcast: What's next for the Lakers this summer?

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Don't give a damn what anyone says: weak move by KD. You go to GSW, the team who beat you, when you're already on a title contender? Please!
You know what: the coach that needed to be hired in the NFL is @tonyromo. Listen to this man. This is pure football genius. He’s calling —literally calling — plays before they happen.
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Um, Mr. Lavar Bell..i DID try and tell ya. I most certainly did. You cut checks your son couldn't cash. I did warn you sir. I really did.
Hey fans, do y'all really feel this way?
Haaaaaaaaa! I’m sooooo sorry I have to say this, but it’s a necessary message for the FANS....not the team that did have a good season: How ‘Bout Dem @dallascowboys! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Take y’all asses HOME, Cowboys fans
My SINCERE condolences to each and every one of you Cowboy fans! SIKE!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhh Haaaaaa!
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How 'Bout DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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