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The average cost of a Canadian wedding and honeymoon is $46,400. There must be a better way, Joanna Chiu writes.

The pact linking the economies of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico still contains a fatal flaw, writes @tomwalkom .

The federal ethics law has put a crimp in Jane Philpott’s plan to put her experience as a former minister of health and Indigenous services to work for the benefit of a northern Ontario First Nation.

He received special treatment from the Mongolian government to hunt the endangered sheep.

If you're in an accident that involves electrical equipment, BC Hydro recommends driving out from under the power line and at least 10 metres away if it is safe to do so. Follow the link for more tips:

Badly damaged after a disappointing election campaign, Conservatives decide to let Scheer hang on to the Conservative leadership until the party chooses his replacement.

In the space of a single Vancouver taxi ride, reactions between two women shift in an emotive journey midway through @BodyRemembers , which was honest and organic as the rest of the movie. @peterhowellfilm :

While the Conservatives are regrouping, an opportunity exists, as it did for Liberals in 1979, to dream of doing bigger things in power, or even returning with a majority, as they did in 1980, writes @SusanDelacourt .


4.8 million sockeye salmon were expected at B.C.’s Fraser River for mating season, and just 628,000 showed up

#Breaking : Morgane Oger has won her human-rights complaint, described as a "groundbreaking" ruling for trans rights in Canada

#Breaking : Vancouver police have arrested 47 men and charged seven of them, including a school trustee and a school teacher, with seeking sexual services from youth.

No prime minister in recent history has had to deal with such an inconsistent American administration but that hasn’t stopped Trudeau from achieving notable feats, @ChantalHbert  writes.

You can’t cut your way to prosperity. You have to invest in people, writes Prime Minister and Liberal Leader @JustinTrudeau .

#UBC research: Whale families prove that bigger brains, social skills are linked in 'positive feedback loop'