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Come join me and folks from the @wshcrew as we celebrate #ObserveTheMoon on @Twitch
Come join me and folks from the @wshcrew as we celebrate #ObserveTheMoon on @Twitch
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There aren’t two sides of the science.
Preventing the Earth from descending into a lifeless husk of a planet in a geological blink of an eye is technologically possible, experts say. But it will require confiscating unearned wealth from billionaires and ending the pointless wars we've been fighting for generations.
SpaceShipTwo, welcome back to space 🚀 🌎
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Prosecutors say Manafort lied to:
-tax preparers
-Treasury Department
-National Security Division of DOJ
-Special Counsel’s Office
-grand jury
-his own legal counsel
-Members of Congress
-executive branch of US government
There is no tangible difference between "climate change is a hoax" and "climate change is real but doing anything about it on the scale the science demands is unrealistic".

Both are climate denial. Both lead to inaction.

Irreversible tipping points are just that: Irreversible.
Oh it’s happening

Judge Amy Berman Jackson orders the govt to file a redacted Manafort sentencing memo on public docket
@kpolantz got her laptop open and her two phones ready. This is how CNN will learn when this thing is finally filed. Thank her for all her hard work.
Felt cute, might delete later! 📸 @NASANewHorizons returned its sharpest pictures of #UltimaThule - most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft. Get a closer look:
Hello, Earth 🌎. Footage from the boom of SpaceShipTwo
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