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Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.

Latest Scoops

.@USNavy investigators in Virginia found no evidence of a shooting on a barge next to the USS Carter Hall, which is undergoing maintenance in a shipyard near the Atlantic Coast, after reports of an active shooter. https://t.co/uPrHuVaiDz
Stationed in Japan? Here's how to find out your new COLA rate https://t.co/VhIYQyHXPh
The latest battle in Okinawa over new U.S. military runway to one day facilitate the relocation and closure of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma has taken another step toward a legal showdown. https://t.co/5TW65YyN4C
An MH-60 Seahawk helicopter has “crashed on the flight deck” of the USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippine Sea, the Navy said Friday. https://t.co/YkdrY8GhDB
President Donald Trump acknowledged Thursday it "certainly looks" as though missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is dead, and he threatened "very severe" consequences if the Saudis are found to have murdered him. https://t.co/2CgqjVEDKh
"At this point we're doing it one rep at a time, one practice at a time," @NavalAcademy defensive captain and safety Sean Williams said Wednesday. https://t.co/gk4pDOgh3E
The @usairforce is prepared to pay up to $300,000 for ideas to solve problems uncovered during the inaugural class of an innovative training program helping to fill about 2,000 vacant pilot positions. https://t.co/cuOg262Fm7
A trove of Theodore Roosevelt's papers that have just been made available online by the Library of Congress. The 276,000 documents include his reaction to the deaths of his mother and wife, and the antics of his children in the White House. https://t.co/5nRRH4rusD
A new study suggests the @USArmy's promotion criteria for noncommissioned officers falls far short of assessing whether these enlisted leaders will be successful at mentoring and training their soldiers. https://t.co/o4bW6fFU8m
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