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Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.

Latest Scoops

A father and son, both @USArmy veterans, wound up behind bars within a five month period this year, apparently just an odd matter of timing after no prior criminal histories for either man.

An Army National Guard High Altitude Aviation Training Site Black Hawk helicopter successfully rescued the climbers with the help of a 16-person rescue crew

In 1986, another summit with Russia (then-Soviet Union) took place. The meeting was considered a failure, the American president judged the loser. #ReykjavikSummit1986 #HelsinkiSummit2018

"I think it should become normal again for Russian and American presidents to meet," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel #HelsinkiSummit #Germany

Alexandre Benalla's involvement in beating a protester and questions about the government's handling of the affair is turning into @EmmanuelMacron biggest political crisis since taking office

Abdurrashid Dostum, the controversial Afghan vice president who was forced to leave for Turkey last year amid sexual assault charges, is set to return Sunday.

Grotte Caglieron is less than an hour’s drive from @AirAviano. Left out of most guidebooks, this spot is well worth checking out! #italy #travel

The money is meant to aid various aspects of Ukraine's military, including the command and control of forces, secure communications and medical treatment https://t.co/gXkvWWiuWD
ATTN Pacific Northwest: Living History Group Northwest is conducting a World War II encampment from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. TODAY at the Pearson Air Museum in Vancouver, Wash. Many war-era artifacts will be on display!

Beards were banned in 1984. The @USNavy wanted professional-looking sailors who could wear firefighting masks, breathing apparatuses without interference. The Navy says that's still the case https://t.co/vKOfhNJlbb
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