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Stars and Stripes is a daily newspaper published for the U.S. military, DOD civilians, contractors and their families.

Latest Scoops

ANALYSIS | The death of four US soldiers in a chaotic ambush in Niger leaves the Pentagon grappling with a thorny issue in Africa: How should it counter the Islamic State and other militant groups without becoming ensnared in conflicts on the continent? https://t.co/4qcMafxaU9
A catastrophic eruption is not imminent and probably won’t happen for many years, said Christopher Kilburn, a volcanologist at University London College. Still, authorities should be prepared for an emergency response, he said. https://t.co/d5gr9AOVF5
Archive photo of the day | Maj. Gen. Stanley Larsen in Vietnam, 1965 https://t.co/dEalMA8qZU #photography #archives #VietnamWar #1960s
The EU Trade Commissioner said "the EU should be excluded as a whole" and that she would convey this message to U.S. representatives in talks in Washington on Tuesday. https://t.co/BHTLGI8XKC
The top U.S. military officer has arrived in Afghanistan to take a closer look at the ongoing campaign to beef up training and advisory teams as the next fighting season looms. https://t.co/7ajUk2jtUQ
The suspect stole Army uniforms, medals, jewelry, knives and other valuables, Auerbach police said in a statement. Last year alone, the suspect sold 460 stolen items for a total of about $20,000, police said. https://t.co/el5Ee93udh
British police say no sign of forced entry has been found at the home where a London-based Russian businessman died from a neck compression. https://t.co/6AApINHhPJ
COLUMN | Nevada is the unkillable zombie of the NCAA tournament's haunted graveyard region https://t.co/cGzE8Zd3JS
Officials initially made a miscalculation of points in the @USAGBavaria St. Patrick's Day Boxing Invitational. Stuttgart came out on top, contrary to the announcement of Vilseck as the winner at the event.
Photo by Martin Egnash/Stars and Stripes
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