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Latest Scoops

EastEnders fans 'disgusted' at 'racist' Haribo comment
UKIP member, 19, suspended from university over 'offensive' comments
Kardashian fans brand Jordyn Woods drama a ‘publicity stunt’
Mojo the lion dies after being attacked by pride at British zoo in latest big cat death at UK animal refuge
EXCLUSIVE: John McDonnell speaks about Labour shift on Brexit and calls for 'fiercer' action against anti-Semitism
An illustrator has been banned from Etsy over his Mother's Day card featuring an image of Shamima Begum
A police officer reject was discriminated against in his application due to him being straight, white and male
The mother and stepfather of a 13-year-old girl who was found hanged after a family argument "lacked emotional warmth" towards her
Kim Kardashian takes subtle DIG at Jordyn Woods during girl’s trip
The mother of Viktorija Sokolova tells of how her 'whole world fell apart' in a heartbreaking tribute

The Most Relevant

Justin Bieber's single Love Yourself is named the first number one in 2016
Man on plane sneezes and jokes 'I have ebola'.

You can guess what happened next:
Petition launched to swap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 Syrian refugees
Rashan Charles did not swallow drugs before dying in police custody, watchdog reveals
Pregnant woman loses baby after being kicked in the stomach in racist attack
The last poppy has been planted at Tower of London as the UK falls silent for #ArmisticeDay
Sex attack victim, 20, fights back and drags her molester to police by the hair
Hamdi Akin Ipek: ‘There is no longer a free press in Turkey’
K-Pop boyband @bts_bighit add new London date to world tour
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