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SpongeBob SquarePants had the best halftime show ever. That's probably why the NFL is bringing the playoffs to Nickelodeon. 📰:

Chess popularity is surging as people around the world seek comfort.

"There are still so many unknowns, but we do have a plan if it does happen." Lincoln Riley shares his thoughts on the possibility of coronavirus canceling the 2020 college football season.

The modern era of the NCAA Tournament began 35 years ago. In honor of its anniversary, @tsnmike  has ranked the 68 BEST players from the 1984-85 season to 2020.

"As we're carrying out more bodies and as there's more and more carnage in the streets of our cities, we're drafting players and watching them go to teams. It seems kind of cold-hearted to be perfectly frank." Adam Schefter didn't hold back.

Season 35 of MTV's #TheChallenge  starts tonight. With no live sports, it's the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Here’s everything you need to know ahead of the premiere featuring @MTVBananas , a @kailah_casillasd  . @AneesaMTV 

Kirby Smart has had enough of tigers, regardless of whether they come from LSU, Auburn or the ones on Netflix.

We asked for people to share their most embarrassing sports moments. They delivered. 🤣


This high school pitcher held off celebrating with his teammates so he could console his childhood friend instead. (?: )

Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough yells “F— Trump” before tonight’s title game.

John Cena loves BTS. The former WWE star shared his obsession with the South Korean boy band and how he tried to become their bodyguard.

Adrien Broner was shockingly confident in his post-fight interview.

Austin Romine and Miguel Cabrera get into a fight at home plate and it escalates into a benches-clearing brawl.

James Harden has some thoughts on Giannis ...

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Chiefs’ Marcus Peters sits for the National Anthem and is promoting activism on his cleats.

15 years ago today, the Pacers and Pistons engaged in what was later named the "Malice at the Palace."

Hope Solo had some strong words about the state of soccer in the United States and why it failed to qualify for the #WorldCup 

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