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Syria 270,000 killed 7 million internally displaced 4.2 million external refugees 13 million in need of assistance

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Has Israel's master political magician run out of tricks? via @bopinion 

"People in the govt are making weird statements...If companies like Ola and Uber caused a drop in passenger vehicle sales, then why there is a slowdown in sales of two-wheelers and trucks?"

Drone strikes targeting Saudi oil reserves are set to unleash chaos on global markets, putting a rocket under energy prices, @Tim_ber_wolf  reports. #ausbiz  #markets  #oil 

The experimental devices only had efficiencies of 6-7% (against ~20% for commercial alternatives) but appeared to be able to work for around 27,000 years

WATCH: Kolkata’s transformation is underway to become a more livable and resilient megacity.

Big parties and small parties alike can get stung by electoral deals

This traffic robot will help human cops have safer roadside interactions 🤖🚓

MoviePass has discovered that selling customers a movie a day in a theater for under $10 a month wasn't a good business model