York City

UNITED STATES: New York City reports deadliest day of coronavirus outbreak

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York City

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There's very disturbing breaking news here in Washington. @CNN  reports U.S. Capitol Police arrested a Virginia man with fake inaugural credentials, a loaded gun and over 500 rounds of ammunition. I'm anchoring special @CNNSitRoomSitRoom  coverage today 3-7PM ET.

Ag groups are more than happy with the choice of Michael Regan to be the next administrator of the EPA, citing his experience working with the farming community in North Carolina and the Biden administration’s extensive outreach to farm groups thus far.

That moment you realize you fucked up voting for Biden for some petty reason. Biggest US Police State ever Sim input into Jan 20th

FR LOOK: Paris saw its first day of snow on Saturday as many enjoyed a day out around the city. France has imposed the EU's longest Covid curfew from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

What if instead of spending $740,000,000,000 on the defense budget... ...We house every unhoused American.

Texas Republicans may feel that the fact they kept their grip on the legislature in November is proof that they do not need to take dramatic action

The #Metals , #Money  & #Markets  Weekly is out for Jan 15! Listen here => | | This well-researched weekly installment with & is found @mercenarygeos '>Frida @mercenarygeos  afte @TrevAHall  market @KitcoNewsNOW  #Platinum  #Gold  #Silver  #Copper  #Energy  #Commodities  #Investing 

I used to love New York City, but feckless leaders have forced me to leave via @nypost 

@CliffordAsness  and @ErikSchatzker  in a compelling Bloomberg “Front Row” interview, must-see, value in 2021-2022 - one of AQR’s biggest bets. Chart from @BearTrapsReport  - on the Bloomberg terminal.

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A police operation in Frankfurt, Germany just went down and people have been evacuated.