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Denmark says it’s now clear that many of the pension claims being investigated in a $2.1 billion dividend-tax refund scandal were fraudulent

Coronavirus live updates: Sweden defends relaxed distance approach, US crude hits the teens

Stopping the spread of coronavirus is dependent on the public trusting the information the govt provides. The govt giving inaccurate information regarding the number of tests puts that at risk and endangers us all as a result. - @munirawilson 

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The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the job market, as some sectors shut down and others see a surge in demand. It’s forcing the fastest reallocation of labor since World War II. #WSJWhatsNow 

#JNJ is helping support healthcare workers on the frontlines of the #COVID19  outbreak by providing over $3.7M in personal protective equipment. On #NationalDoctorsDay , read how this equipment helped a doctor in Wuhan do what he does best—care for patients:

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A pandemic government may be good at fighting a disease, but it is a bad idea for everyday life

A tiny village in England has turned its only institution—the local pub—into a pop-up shop where locals can buy essentials

The FT View: The huge sums of money being committed by the UK government and others to support companies will inevitably lead to a larger role for the state. This should not become the norm once the virus abates

"When you are poor, you cannot avoid being near each other." Practicing#SocialDistancing  is tough in densely populated areas in Asia like urban slums. More @business : #coronavirus  #COVID19