Prince Charles

BREAKING: Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus

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Prince Charles

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@kimpaquette  Tesla publishes accident statistics quarterly. They are so much better than other vehicles, it is ridiculous.

In Ankara, Turkey, hundreds of Turks wait in long lines in the rain in order to purchase bread at an affordable price. This is life under Pres. Erdogan’s inflation-fueled reign. Take a look.

WATCH: Shares in Japanese investment giant SoftBank tumbled as investors digested the declining value of its stakes in firms including Alibaba and Didi

Yes, a few people like and use Latinx. But the assumption that these people represent a vanguard, and that society will eventually progress in the direction of that vanguard, needs to be sternly interrogated.

Are we in some sustainable bubble? @TheStalwart  and @tracyalloway  get right to the point with risk management expert (and author of “A Demon Of Our Own Design”) Richard Bookstaber on #OddLots . Spotify ▶️ Apple ▶️

$CLOV Bullish MACD crossover on 4H chart for the first time since October.

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Saudi Aramco warns of ‘social unrest’ if fossil fuels ditched too quickly

@steveliesman  says a shift is underway at the Fed, marking "the beginning of the end of its massive pandemic easing policies." Some potential issues on the table are a faster taper, how soon or fast to hike interest rates and balance sheet normalization.

A diplomatic boycott of the Games sends a powerful message to the Chinese Communist Party that the United States will not turn a blind eye to the CCP’s increasing aggression globally and its disturbing human rights abuses – @PresElectBiden  made the right call here