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JUST IN: Two new coronavirus cases in the UK

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The second virus shockwave is already hitting China’s factories

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Not 3 Not 30 Not 300 Not 3,000 Not 30,000 But 300,000 women die of #CervicalCancer  every year. We are partnering with @UNAIDS  to tackle fight this major killer of women in developing countries. 📝

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Covid-19 could soon be all over the global south. Rich countries should divert some of their vast bail-out pots to helping

While the #CARESAct  rightly allocates direct aid to households & businesses, it also represents a massive expansion of gov’t, including of the #welfare  state, with no clear distinction between immediate needs & permanent #government  expansion.

As medicine begins adopting the 11th revision of the International Classification of Diseases, tracing the history of disease classification in medical practice since 1700 reveals substantive changes in the infrastructure supporting medical knowledge and practice.

Appliances and consumer electronics makers are using social media platforms and other online tools to reach their customers, who are facing problems with products amid the lockdown.

States are walking a fine line between demanding help and avoiding criticism of the White House

Georgia now the 20th state to receive a disaster declaration for the Coronavirus pandemic. Joins NY, WA, CA, IA, LA, TX, FL, NC, NJ, IL, MD, MO, SC, MI, MA, KY, CO, CT, and OR. Also Puerto Rico and Guam.