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Best place to live and work, 2019. 1. Switzerland 2. Singapore 3. Canada 4. Spain 6. Australia 7. Turkey 8. Germany 9. UAE 14. Ireland 16. Malaysia 17. France 18. India 20. Sweden 21. Mexico 23. US 26. China 27. UK 28. Italy 29. Saudi 31. Indonesia 32. Japan 33. Brazil (HSBC)

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I sold some $sndl above $3.75 yesterday. Added some back here $3.10. Back to tier 1.5

Michel Barnier adviser Stefan de Rynck UK will have to abide by NI protocol which does involve checks on animals, customs, etc Repeats that UK has undertaken "solemn" and legally binding commitments on N Ireland protocol. Declined to remark on Johnson today saying be no checks

Hege fund giant Seth Klarman says the 'rocket fuel' feeding this rally will soon 'run out'

The competitivity of the industry, the good evolution of electricity prices and the upcoming approval of the statute of electro-intensive consumers have been the main topics in the meeting with the CEO of @ArcelorMittal  , Lakshmi Mittal, in a constructive environment. #Davos2020 

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@danahull  coming up on Bloomberg to talk about her @BW  piece on @montana_skeptic  and other members of the $TSLAQ community who refuse to buy into the cult of Elon

No Senator can avail themselves of the usual dodge about not having heard the material.

#FedFAQ : What is the FOMC and when does it meet? The FOMC is the monetary policymaking body of the Federal Reserve System. The FOMC is composed of 12 members--the seven members of the Board of Governors and five of the 12 Reserve Bank presidents:

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The central bank intervenes in the short-term money markets to maintain liquidity

The world’s largest container shipping line is hiking its fuel surcharge after new environmental rules sent the industry’s biggest expense spiraling

The markets are marking time to see what China will do after last week's signing of the phase-one deal. Wheat has been driven higher by momentum traders, but finally paused for profit taking after being over-bought. #wheat  dn 4, KC dn 7, #corn  mixed, #soybeans  dn 2 #oatt