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Most generous countries, 2018. 1. Indonesia 2. Australia 3. NZ 4. US 6. UK 12. UAE 15. Canada 16. Nigeria 22. Germany 38. Israel 51. Saudi 68. Italy 72. France 91. Pakistan 110. Russia 114. Mexico 122. Brazil 124. India 128. Japan 131. Turkey 142. China (World Giving Index)

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Argentina: A Monetary Crisis With Contagion Risks

Oh. My. God. OH. MY. GOD! OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OhmyGod OH MY GOD!!!!!! Jay Z just became Booker T Washington to Colin Kaepernick’s W.E.B. DuBois! 🤯😵 #mindblown  #faints  #TheSuccesspert  #JayZ  #ColinKaepernick  #takeaknee  #BlackLivesMatter  #NFL 

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$FISV consolidating in an ascending triangle at all-time highs

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“There’s no guarantee that Amazon can be a successful company. What we’re trying to do is very complicated,” Jeff Bezos said in 1999. “Scale is important to us and we’re going to go after that kind of scale.”

Political Confessional: The Man Who Thinks The U.S. Is Better Off As A Bunch Of Separate Countries

Both #Macri  and Cristina have been robbing #Argentina  blind for the last 30 years. This 67 year old man is so fed up he says that when he turns 70 he will kill a corrupt politician and get house arrest. Furthermore, he advises all 70 year olds to do the same.

Binance - Volume changed on Holo (BTC/HOT)! Price: $0.00000009 (+12.50%), Volume: +43.35%, Mentions Daily Change: +83.00%

WATCH: Nearly 4,000 people have been evacuated from Spain's Canary Islands in the wake of a wildfire that's burned through over 4,000 acres since Saturday

Figuring out how to make Soviet-era apartments more energy efficient is proving difficult

These are the wealthiest towns in the U.S.