Pakistan / Yemen Arabs / Asians

Pakistan’s past utility to the US, KSA & the rest of the world lies in its willingness to supply cannon fodder whenever, & wherever needed. Pakistan refused supply in Yemen b/c it knew the Arabs would gang up against Asians after fighting was over. Arabs can be very racists.

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Pakistan / Yemen Arabs / Asians

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one day people will wake up to this unpalatable truth

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When people look back in future generations, will they say this was one of our finest hours, or one of the darkest? Will it be the moment when we stopped the madness of Brexit or when we amputated ourselves from our continent?

Second Brexit referendum hopes dim as UK lawmakers prepare for historic vote

Quid pro quo or no? Mick Mulvaney said that the holdup of Ukraine aid was tied to Trump's DNC server demands. Then he said it wasn’t #WSJWhatsNow 

✈️ WORLD'S LONGEST FLIGHT: From New York to Sydney, Qantas Airways will have scientists on board to test the effects on passengers and pilots. No airline has ever completed this 20-hour route. Follow #tictocnews  this weekend

The #FATF  noted that #Pakistan  addressed only five out of the 27 tasks given to it in controlling funding to terror groups.

The best products to help households avoid single-use plastic

The brilliant @PiyushGoyal  can’t tell his economic left from his right any better than he can tell Newton from Einstein, or Gravity from relativity. The guy thinks he is economic right 2 Abhijit Banerjee’s left. May be our Commerce Minister needs a quick education in economics.

Why the bull market won’t end with a typical crash, says hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio

“The awkward truth that Washington is only gradually beginning to admit to itself is that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not, in fact, be solved with a two-state solution.”