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Storyteller, former correspondent in South Asia, Africa, Latin America & MidEast; author of 28 Stories of AIDS; Promised the Moon

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You check hospitals, and jails, and, terrified, you check the morgues, too. You go back to the police. They mock you. You go to the prosecutor, the human rights commission, and the military base. No one will help you. You put up 100 posters with his face, and then 100 more. 9/

And after years of this – years – you meet other parents, and other wives and other husbands and they're all searching for someone who's just - gone. 10/

And so then, at least, you're searching together. But all around you are people who know the answers, and they don't like the questions you're asking. You're terrified, but you can't stop the search. 11/

That search takes you across the country, but the answer, when it finally comes, is just down the road. 12/

I had the immense privilege of working on this project, over several years with brilliant photographer @felyxmarquez  whose empathy is tangible in every one of these pictures. He's the most generous of colleagues, with an unparalleled understanding of the Disappearances crisis 14/

The digital storytelling team @globeandmail  – multimedia editor @LBlenkinsop  , developer @j_agius  , video editor @tmo_video  – took our reporting + built something that takes you right into the heart of what this feels like. They're the best + I've been so lucky to work with them 15/

If you're a journalism nerd, here's the backstory on how and why we built what we did. 16/

I had invaluable help on this project from producers @karencotasoto  + @_RCQuintero  & I was inspired by the work of @marcelaturati  + her colleagues at @quintoelab  Many, many Mexican human rights advocates + lawyers + anthropologists spent time generously answering my questions 17/

But most of all, I'm profoundly grateful to the families in Veracruz who trusted me with these stories. Who got out their baby pictures and wedding pictures and showed me the last Christmas present, still wrapped. And the forensic report that lists their children's bones. 18/

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They deserve justice, and an end to impunity. They deserve, at last, to be served by a state that has failed them at every single step of the way. While they're waiting, please take a few minutes and let them tell you this story. /19


Indigenous Brazilians kill themselves at a rate 22x higher than general pop. Most are children. No one's asking why

Extraordinary photo of #Lula  born aloft by supporters just now by Francisco Proner/ Farpa Fotocoletivo

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Most Brazil story ever? My credit card was cloned; the thief spent big, then used it to make a small donation to an evangelical church

Can’t say enough about how smart and accessible and clear this El Pais explainer is... Airborne transmission of Covid-19: A room, a bar and a class: how the coronavirus is spread through the air

So, Twitter pals, I need a bit of that most precious of commodities: your time and attention. I've been working on a story for a very long time, alongside a really gifted team, and it's finally out in the world, and we all hope you'll set aside 20 minutes and read it. 1/

México’s @reforma  with handy labels for new US elected officials: the Latina; the gay guy; the racist

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Sessions says #DACA  was key cause of surge in child migrants fr Central America. My yrs of reporting found otherwise

The headline on this piece by @ProfAishaAhmad  does it a disservice - it's the best collection of hard-earned wisdom for living through these bleak times that I've seen anywhere, not just for academics, for all of us

Federal police officer just accused me of "surreptitiously" recording public lecture by Judge Sergio Moro & tried to take phone. irony much?