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The Reserve Bank has warned for the first time bigger falls in house prices will start to hurt the economy and drive up unemployment | @swrightwestoz
Analysis: Uber drivers can game the app and play chicken with riders to receive the cancellation fee, but the company says fraudulent activity like this is rare
Surfing ute the latest bizarre sight from up north as Queensland braces for Tropical Cyclone Oma
Ash Barty hot on Serena Williams' heels as both climb in world tennis rankings | @SMHsport
The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner confirms it has launched "preliminary inquiries" into Liberal MP Tim Wilson | @ErykBagshaw
He's twice been named Sweden's best barista, but this Aussie says the country is threatening to ruin his successful new business | @NickdMiller
The government of Nauru has rushed through new laws that prevent residents being granted medical transfers if the referral is based on the recommendation of a doctor who consulted the patient online | @michaelkoziol
All NSW high schools to get a full-time counsellor in Berejiklian election pledge | @EstherHjHan
'Constant Hunger Games': Ex-staff reveal truth of Victoria's Secret
Boy, 11, arrested after dispute with teacher over US flag, national anthem

The Most Relevant

A shocking video posted by farmers shows the water lined with dead Murray cod said to have been 80 to 100 years old. Read the full story here:
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Sydney schoolboys take down Martin Shkreli, the 'most hated man in the world'.
Harper Lee, 88, to release second novel 50 years after To Kill a Mockingbird.
Comment: A Muslim shot my dad in cold blood outside the NSW Police Headquarters, and I am tired of needing to explain that the actions of this individual cannot be attributed to an entire group of people
Thailand has blamed Australia for the detention of Hakeem al-Araibi, arguing it only detained the Melbourne-based refugee footballer after an Interpol Red Notice alert was issued by Canberra | @jamesmassola
Jacinda Ardern used her debut speech to the UN to directly challenge the view of the world outlined by Donald Trump
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Exclusive: Two of Alan Jones’ business partners in the horse racing industry have contenders in the $10 million race - the one he demanded be advertised on the sails of the Sydney Opera House |
Australians have emphatically voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage #marriageequality
Male players are free to change their shirts on court at the US Open. Female players, however, are not - as Alize Cornet discovered on a 38 degree day
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