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Right now, @RealSaltLake would make the playoffs, sitting fifth in the West with 45 points going into Saturday’s game against Atlanta, which is 18-6-5 and the frontrunner for the Supporters’ Shield
The Bureau of Land Management said Thursday the open-house meetings will be held Oct. 15 and 16 in two cities near the southern Utah monument: Escalante and Kanab
The Utah job market has been so competitive that, for example, Salt Lake City International Airport officials say contractors have had trouble finding enough workers for its $3.6 billion project building a replacement airport
We asked three Utah servers dish about the good, the bad and the cranky of customer behavior in Utah.

The takeaway: Don’t be high maintenance. And if you can't help it, at least tip well.
After an unexpected season-opening win over Arizona, @BYUCougars officials were anticipating a larger-than-normal crowd for their home opener against the Pac-12’s California on a beautiful late-summer evening in early September.

It didn’t happen.
62-year-old Robert Lyman will be tried in Provo after a judge decided he couldn't get a fair trial in the southern Utah county that was torched by the blaze Lyman is accused of starting last year
“Camps and other outdoor activities will be an important part of gospel learning, building relationships, and strengthening faith in Jesus Christ,” @LDSchurch said in a news release
A 2016 survey of self-identified Mormons showed that 9.5 percent had used marijuana in the past six months.

The legal status of marijuana in the state where respondents lived had almost no effect on their use.
Trump’s comments produced a widespread backlash from Democratic lawmakers and advocates for victims of sexual assault. Now #WhyIDidntReport is trending, with thousands of people coming forward to explain their hesitation to contact authorities.
A new Utah theme park is opening — Evermore, promising an “immersive theatrical” experience, set in an old-world Gothic European village.
It officially opens Sept. 29 — but you can go to this weekend's “soft opening.”
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