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“7 Days in Entebbe” frames a true story about a hijacking with an unexpected motif
Steve from Salt Lake City says Trump praising the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee is “like praising his daughter Ivanka for declaring his innocence regarding allegations of sexual abuse by 19 women. It’s just biased and unbelievable.”
“The problem for Republicans, of course, is that at this point, tax cuts are the only thing they stand for,” writes @crampell
Seven years into its civil war, some 450,000 people have died and half of the country's population has been displaced
After spending $250,000 to move its main entrance far enough away from a school to meet DABC requirements, the Real Monarchs will be allowed to serve beer at its games
Utah Rivers Council says the pipeline spur in Johnson Canyon could easily boost the value of Rep. Mike Noel’s land there and support its development — and that's not the only complication. Noel, however, rejects the idea the project would benefit him.

After sojourning on a whirlwind few days through Utah’s Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks last month, Ricky Rubio says he has a better handle on why the @utahjazz chose to celebrate southern Utah in their City Edition jerseys this season

At most, this is a case of a negligent police investigation, U.S. District Judge Dee Benson wrote, not a violation of constitutional rights

“We should not be asked to confirm a nominee whose background cannot be publicly discussed and who cannot then be held accountable for her actions,” said Sen. Martin Heinrich, a Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee said

Michael Cohen says he has the right to seek at least $20M in damages from Stormy Daniels, who has said in legal filings that she slept with Donald Trump in 2006 and was paid to stay silent. Cohen also wants the dispute moved back into private arbitration.

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