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"We've seen the importance of social care through this crisis." Health Secretary says the government will bring forward a long term plan for social care and that the pandemic has underlined the need to support the sector. FM #Breakfast 

Could Scottish independence become a reality in the not too distant future? Co-leader of the Scottish Greens @patrickharvie  says the people of Scotland should have the right to decide if they want to be part of “Boris Johnson’s Brexit Britain.” RC #Breakfast 

“That will allow us to ramp-up to full holidays being available end of June, July.” Chief Executive of @ThomasCookUK  Alan French says positive data and the resumption of international travel this month is boosting the prospect of summer holidays abroad. RC #Breakfast 

“The disease practically disappeared.” Data from Israel suggests 2 doses of the Pfizer vaccine can provide more than 95% protection against COVID-19. Infectious Diseases specialist Eyal Leshem explains the impact the country's vaccination programme has had. RC #Breakfast 

This lady is so very special. Take my word on it. The World would be a better place if more were like her. Q❤

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Will holidaymakers returning from green list countries have to pay for COVID-19 tests? Mental Health Minister@NadineDorries  says new international travel rules are there to ensure that as a country, “we never end up where we’ve been again.” RC #Breakfast 

“We’ve been trashing the Labour brand for far too long.” Labour MP @RhonddaBryant  thinks the party needs to regain the trust of voters who haven’t been “entirely convinced” by the direction it has taken. RC #Breakfast 

"They haven't brought forward any concrete changes." Shadow Foreign Secretary@lisanandy  says the government must now deliver on its pledge to 'fix' social care in today's Queen's Speech. FM #Breakfast 


Just out of interest.... RT if you can... #brexit ....should we

Ok, so again just out of personal interest... Should we

27 years since we lost Freddie. Still miss this legend, but he lives on through the music and the continuing brilliance of

Can't quite believe the news about Caroline Flack. How utterly awful. Why can't we all make an effort to be kinder to one another? And if you ever need to talk, in confidence and without judgement then @samaritans  are always there for you.

I cannot believe how many people on here are Making things up Being party political Acting like experts I have never had to mute so many people before. Dozens a day. Listen to the news. Listen to the Gov briefings. Follow the advice. Be safe.

If you need a giggle, this is perfect!

I don't care what you think politically, this is not about politics.. But I'm very pleased to see wearing her monitor openly in public. Great message to all out there. #T1D 

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This is pure goodness. To die through an act of kindness. May we all be so blessed as to have a heart like this.

So much anger on twitter. People bullying people for bullying people... We all just need to STOP. Take a breath. We are ALL part of the problem. We can ALL be part of the solution. #bekind