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FIFA’s international transfer system has now processed 100,000 transfers since launch in 2010; 50,142 players, 6,827 clubs. #SSN
Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck expected to find out on Monday whether he faces retrospective action after last night’s win against AC Milan. UEFA’s disciplinary board still reviewing yesterday’s Europa League matches. Thought unlikely he will face action at this stage. #AFC #SSN
CSKA Moscow have told @alexmarrow57 they “don’t see any danger for English fans” ahead of Europa League tie against Arsenal next month.

CSKA: “We already played against Manchester United this season in Moscow and everything went well.” #AFC #SSN
64.6% of tickets for Champions League final in Kiev to be made available to fans and general public. Remaining 22,300 tickets for organising committee, UEFA, partners, broadcasters & corporate hospitality. #UEFA#SSN
Retailer Topman has apologised and removed ‘96’ t-shirt from sale. Spokesperson says company “apologises unreservedly for any offence caused” and says design inspired by Bob Marley track and year of re-release. #LFC #SSN
Fine reduced from £75k as club admitted charge as soon as possible and took steps “to ensure better behaviour”. #MCFC
REVEALED: Independent panel “extremely concerned” after Manchester City failed to control players in FA Cup against Wigan last month. £50k fine followed Aguero and Silva “touching or pulling referee in extremely insistent manner.” #MCFC #SSN
It’s emerged FA issued Manchester City with formal warning for “failure to pass on FA correspondence” to Guardiola “in a timely fashion. #MCFC
Commission considered banning Guardiola but unanimously agreed financial penalty more appropriate. Took his net weekly wage into consideration. £30k fine reduced to £20k for mitigating factors.
Guardiola argued FA position ‘confusing and contradictory’ over what could be worn in English football matches. Claimed breach ‘unintentional’ and ribbon ‘inadvertently displayed when unzipped jacket’. Rejected by commission #MCFC.
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