Labour / Brexit / Fom

I think it would, because Labour wants a soft Brexit and so does a majority in parliament. It is May's insistence on ending FoM that is stopping her getting a majority.

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Labour / Brexit / Fom

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Full story: Apple warns on revenue guidance — it won't meet expectations because of constrained iPhone supply and suppressed demand in China amid coronavirus outbreak

“High Fidelity” has the space and time to fully explore the implications of gender differences

4/ [Thread] -> Timeline of Vaccination & Abx in Multiple Myeloma, (& other cancers, general population, etc) (work in progress) [Updated Feb 17, 2020] #mmsm  #ImmunoOnc  #IDonc 

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The investigation into Malcolm X's assassination will be reexamined after several questions were raised in a Netflix documentary

It is already clear that Chinese politics and governance will not be the same after the #coronavirusoutbreak  | @yuenyuenang 

U.S. Epidemiologist Who Traveled To China To Investigate Coronavirus Relays Findings

Apple says it does “not expect to meet the revenue guidance we provided for the March quarter.” I’m wondering about the tipping point for when temporary disruptions turn into more permanent, full-year hits to profitability.

Apple does not expect to meet revenue guidance for March quarter due to constrained iPhone supply and low demand due to store closures amid coronavirus crisis (Apple)