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ICYMI: The Tory party lost its way from 2010, not 2016 Ignoring expertise for ideological ends and causing great damage to the economy - it did not begin with Brexit.
Yesterday's post: The Tory party lost its way from 2010, not 2016 Why austerity was a Tory mistake on the same scale as Brexit, and why it and scapegoating immigrants led to the 2016 defeat. (And of course 2010 didn't come out of thin air)
Very happy for you to retweet. Glad you liked the post.
Great thread, which illustrates the problem the BBC has when it puts ignorant or lying politicians on TV. In what sense does this inform or educate the Question Time audience? If anything it does the opposite.
@CharlesWright57 Indeed they are culpable. It will be interesting (although also terribly sad) if we look back at the damage that Brexit will do and say but the Labour party was also culpable.
New post: The Tory party lost its way from 2010, not 2016 Did Cameron just make one big mistake? I argue that his ruinous austerity policy and his immigrant scapegoating ensured he lost the referendum he should never have called.
ICYMI: The economic cost of the Brexit decision that Leaver voters do not get to see If you asked each Leave household for almost £2000 as their contribution to Brexit, because that is how much its currently costing, would it really not be about economics?
Yesterday's post: The economic cost of the Brexit decision that Leaver voters do not get to see Is it really not about economics? In May 2018 85% of Leave voters thought the economy would not be worse off as a result of Brexit.
Great chart. It illustrates one of the key ideas in (neoclassical) economics: the diminishing marginal utility of consumption. It is one reason why it makes sense to tax the rich to give to the poor. Worth remembering the next time someone tells you mainstream economics is evil.

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Apparently the Prime Minister quoted me saying about Labour's 2017 manifesto "the numbers did not add up" In fact I said "Let us suppose the IFS was correct" and examined consequences. I have never taken a view on whether they did/didn't add up. If that is what she said, she lied
This is so important. See this study that suggests UKIP support followed media coverage rather than vice versa We saw the same with Trump. The media has to stop pretending they have no influence.
This will become an acid test for the BBC. Both the OBR and IFS think there is no Brexit dividend - it is a politically motivated fiction. If the BBC starts routinely talking about the Brexit dividend as if it really exists then they really will have become the Brexit BC.
New post: Why the UK cannot see that Brexit is utterly, utterly stupid What is it that those overseas can see that the UK cannot? What accounts for this difference?
Thread on Corbyn's speech today, having now seen summary sent to press and 'check against delivery' version. The section that has attracted interest is "A key sentence is “For the last 40 years, a magical kind of thinking has dominated the way Britain is run. We’ve been 1/n
According to the BBC website, the most important story today is this: Does this exemplify all that is currently wrong with BBC political reporting? Discuss
New post: Why Brexiters look defeated The reason Johnson calls the Irish backstop monstrous.
Incredible. We cannot have democracy=referendum on a final deal because the far right will not like it! Some people have learnt nothing from history. You are supposed to represent the Labour party, not UKIP or worse.
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