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@shaunjlawson  Its hard. Since austerity the media, in terms of political correspondents, has had little time for macro. That is why they like the IFS, who don't do macro. Hard to talk macro in that environment. The idea the IFS's analysis was relatively bad for Labour is a media construct.

ICYMI: The UK’s place in the world In a world of trade wars, can the UK prosper without protection from a major country or union?

ICYMI: The UK's place in the world The days of pirates is over. In today's hostile world the UK needs to be part of something bigger.

Labour may need to start worrying about the deficit.

@vega668  You are @yb_daveh  repe @Struggling_Str8a  @meadwajting  media lines to take rather than talking about reality. In both years Labour's manifesto would have met its fiscal rule, which is a rolling target of a zero current deficit five years ahead.

The biggest threat to democracy is authoritarian right wing governments that destroy a plural democracy

New post: The left needs to campaign for social liberalism "Powell advocated a policy of voluntary repatriation for immigrants and their descendants. Today we have selective but involuntary repatriation."

The left needs to campaign for social liberalism


This will become an acid test for the BBC. Both the OBR and IFS think there is no Brexit dividend - it is a politically motivated fiction. If the BBC starts routinely talking about the Brexit dividend as if it really exists then they really will have become the Brexit BC.

Apparently the Prime Minister quoted me saying about Labour's 2017 manifesto "the numbers did not add up" In fact I said "Let us suppose the IFS was correct" and examined consequences. I have never taken a view on whether they did/didn't add up. If that is what she said, she lied

This is so important. See this study that suggests UKIP support followed media coverage rather than vice versa We saw the same with Trump. The media has to stop pretending they have no influence.

Just out in today's Guardian There is a disconnect between people's experiences and how the economy is reported partly because the media either can't or won't challenge the Tory lie that they are supporting public services or that the economy is strong.

New post: Is Labour’s economic plan credible? Short answer is yes, but rather than obsess with 'does it add up', we should talk about how Labour will revitalise the economy.

Thread on Corbyn's speech today, having now seen summary sent to press and 'check against delivery' version. The section that has attracted interest is "A key sentence is “For the last 40 years, a magical kind of thinking has dominated the way Britain is run. We’ve been 1/n

Depressing. There is an academic consensus that we need a lot more public investment across most major countries. There is also a recognised shortage of safe assets like government debt. Why do these scare stories get through to those who have a responsibility to know better?

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