Simon Schama

Simon Schama

The past is never dead. It's not even past (Faulkner) . Historian, writer, art critic, cook, BBC presenter but not necessarily in that order

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Hope you all enjoyed @TobiasMenzies  amazing reading from Kubla Khan. We are so grateful to the brilliant actors and musicians for their contributions and performances

some really eye-popping polls from @NateSilver538  ... Cornyn up by only 2 points in Texas, Mississippi a toss-up - and on the presidential side a whole slew of polls showing Biden winning GEORGIA! also pretty close in Texas. Is this all crazy?

Hope you all enjoy tonight's last episode of The Romantics and Us; lots of music, some dark painting; and an ending we didnt realise would be ..topical. Tune in at 9

" communist" = people who actually pay taxes

roadside autumn crocuses refusing to be autumnal

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More obvious than ever that Trump isnt campaigning to win the election; he's campaigning against the election

among the most Trumpian things he said was that "real school" needs to be distinguished from " 'let's read the books' school

@michikokakutani  really @JoeBiden  MUST raise this at debate . @kristenwelker  has already announced " families " as one of the topics. Wasn't sure what she meant. Now it seems paramount.

excuse me but NewYork is not a " ghost town" not even on Halloween


Devastating. History will not show mercy.

can someone please stand up and start shouting (it wont be the weasel Corbyn) "YOU ARE NOT CHURCHILL, fatso, and the EU is not the Third Reich. You do not have a war cabinet because THERE IS NO WAR. How DARE you invoke the sacrifices of those fought one!

why do these dunces abuse history in the name of their simple- minded prejudices. 1) the Reformation was a pan European phenomenon, 2) it created a religious civil war in Britain that lasted 2 centuries

Ha'aretz reporting US embassy in Israel reassures 145,000 Jews born in Iraq and Iran of exemption from ban. Which means it IS a Muslim ban

to the millions of good Britons grieving tonight: take heart; this monstrous act of self harm will not stand because the vast majority of the young repudiate it; will in time reverse it and will look back on all who made it possible with astounded contempt

EU now watching with bemused disbelief the UK sawing its own leg off while shouting “you’d better watch out or we’ll saw the other one off too and then you’ll be really sorry!”

after this grovelling abasement before Trump I dont want to hear the word “sovereignty” EVER drop from the mouths of Brexiters

The half of the country that will rightly treat tomorrrow as one of the darkest days in British history should feel no obligation to put on a brave face in response to Johnson's tinny platitudes much less Brexit cackling. Mourn; rage and hold them to account

shutting parliament during the gravest national crisis since the war is an act of grotesque cowardice; but history will remember the infamy and those responsible for it with indelible contempt