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Reporter for @BBCNews - can be heard mostly on @BBCr4Today. Read a bit of news on @BBCOne Sima.Kotecha@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

Paul's been in rehab since Feb. "Gambling's a mug's game" https://t.co/bpFpi0W2wh
EXCLUSIVE: Inside Britain's only residential gambling centre for severe addicts. More on #BBCNewsSix & #BBCNewsTen
In presenter's chair on @BBCPM from 5 - latest on #HurricaneIrma, + should all restaurants display hygiene ratings?
BREAKING #Birmingham has won race to become English candidate for 2022 commonwealth games - after beating #Liverpool
Warning signs missed in protecting AJ from violent mother.. More on #BBCNewsTen
Members of military suspected of being Neo-Nazis https://t.co/PGPj4akGeC
Hear from @MoeenAli's father - the man who plays pivotal role in son's success. On news at 1 on @BBCOne
#BBC pay gap about 'race+class' says British Asian presenter Anita Rani https://t.co/5vHBwwToFI
FACT: 51% of Commons now made up of MPs who went to comprehensive schools - first time in recent history
Confirmed that May will go to Buck Palace at 1230 and speak to Queen about forming a govt. #GE2017
Bad night for #UKIP - their vote fell from 13% to 2%. Questions over relevance of party? #GE2017
Been told by Farron's team they're sticking to message no matter what result: 'No coalitions, no pacts'. #LibDems #GE2017
Blimey - montage on #r4today of key moments in election campaign makes you realise just how bizarre last 5 wks have been!
That letter from @LiamByrneMP is brought up AGAIN .. #BBCQT
Paul Nuttall on #r4today insists 'we're certainly not racist.. I wouldn't allow face coverings in public'. #Ukip
We are grieving today but we are strong, says @AndyBurnhamGM. #ManchesterAttack
Seeing almost straight switch from #UKIP to Tories - 'like a magnet' says @bbclaurak
Communities are less integrated - but some feel under siege and need support. @nus_ghani on #Birmingham on #r4today
Farha Makanvand, owner of flat that was raided in #Birmingham
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Raid in #Birmingham linked to terror attack in London ..
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you cheeky bugger! I'm 5ft 2, I'll have you know..
For those who have unique surnames, you'll understand my reaction to this 😮
That's striking - Lord Heseltine says he's never met the PM. He's been around yonks #r4today
4 torcs made up of 3 neck torcs and 1 bracelet, and are thought to be from the continent ..
Unique find for Britain: Iron Age Torcs discovered in Staffordshire, dating back to 400-250 BC..
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No ambiguity from Mandelson: 'Labour Party can recover its ground - believe that firmly. Stay in the party'. #marr
'Root looks 15 but I've known him for a long time and he's ready for this job' @MichaelVaughan on #r4today
How dangerous is bell-ringing? More on this on Six o'clock news on @BBCOne https://t.co/OCQF2z3U5d
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For the first time in my adult life, last night I felt discriminated against -@nadhimzahawi on US ban of ppl from Muslim countries #marr
They fled Iraq over fears their deaf son would be killed by ISIS. Should they be deported to Germany? https://t.co/frkofb9Gal
Leading 6 o'clock news @BBCOne - increase in rough sleepers. Shady says 'hard living on streets+ppl think your scum'
Words uttered by man who got more electoral votes than Nixon, Kennedy, and G W Bush.. #Trump
Professor Neil Greenberg from @KingsCollegeLon - It can take you <veterans> a year or more for a practitioner to meet your needs #r4today
As #Obama prepares to stand down, here's what I wrote about him when we met in 2008 https://t.co/XPNXuivsRh
Witness who gave evidence to Trojan Horse inquiry says she's 'extremely nervous + panicky' about her name being released #r4today
We know there's still discrimination at work - @joswinson on #r4today. Details here on gender pay gap research.. https://t.co/1nHHW71MpX
Instead of a Christmas card, my friend in NYC sends me this ..
At 0750 on #r4today - 17 yr old girl suffering from anorexia who lives in Nottingham but has been hospitalised in Edinburgh. MUST LISTEN.
Segregation, misogyny, poor English in some Muslim communities. More on Dame Louise Casey's integration report: https://t.co/WZzgFIwykG
Seriously?! #BBC reporter detained in #Turkey. Around 145 journalists already in prison there. https://t.co/7Yk4pXWAmh
Here are some of those oracy munchkins who like talking. 'Gives us more confidence' @school21_uk #r4today
Sources at @foreignoffice tell me memo went round last wk saying staff must not refer to @BorisJohnson as #BOJO. Oh dear..
Anger among some ppl in #Barnsley (home to this delicacy) over court ruling. 'Just get on with it' #r4today #Brexit
'He gave me drugs for free and I thought he loved me' writes 17 yr old victim of child sexual exploitation #r4today
.@StephanieHirst trains police in how to deal with victims of transphobic attacks https://t.co/Sit6FJ4Jfw #r4today @Humberbeat
Pls listen to #r4today NOW to hear John's #Aberfan piece - it's outstanding
Looking for a mum/family to speak to about rise in food prices. Are you available today ? Pls contact me: Sima.Kotecha@bbc.co.uk Thanks
The Muslim lawyer on why he's voting for #Trump @bbc5live https://t.co/dsKETbrXLf
We asked if Trump/Clinton were ice creams, what flavours would they be? @bbc5live Filmed by @LucindaCDay https://t.co/4bDxZWJx5G
Former rugby league player Kevin Sinfield tells #r4today 'big big challenge to go from playing to watching'
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