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Reporter for @BBCNews - can be heard mostly on @BBCr4Today. Read a bit of news on @BBCOne Sima.Kotecha@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

One college at Oxford uni hasn’t admitted any black students in 3 yrs. The university argues its pool of white applicants is bigger #r4today
In other news, my mum thinks I’d make a good Home Secretary ..

Home office to waive citizenship fees for #WindrushGeneration
Disconcerting: head of foreign affairs committee in US doesn’t know if Trump has strategic policy on #Syria. #C4News
Investigation finds 80K birds packed in cages at Walston Poultry farm. Sells eggs to Morrisons+Tescos. @thetimes
My interview with @WMerciaPolice in papers today: officers dealing with 46 cases of #CSE in #Telford
One of the worst court cases I’ve ever covered... detail so gruesome, much of it is unreportable ... #falder
After another manic week, Dad sends me this ...
On #BBCNewsSix, why families of those killed in #BirminghamPubBombings feel they’re a step closer to getting justice
Mayor of West Midlands @andy4wm says leaders in region don’t reflect diverse population - more on @BBCOne at 1pm
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