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Reporter for @BBCNews - can be heard mostly on @BBCr4Today. Read a bit of news on @BBCOne Sima.Kotecha@bbc.co.uk

Latest Scoops

In presenter chair on @bbcpm at 5 - latest on #Turkey with @marklowen,+how #Trump is super popular in Bethlehem (US)
Surgeon who marked his initials on patients livers told he’s ‘arrogant’ and fined £10K https://t.co/2MNc280lOS
Tell mum I’m doing the weather piece on #BBCNewsSix+she asks why @dannysavage isn’t doing it? Charming ...
'End double injustice' - hear from 2 men wrongly convicted of carrying out #Birminghampubbombings on #BBCNewsTen https://t.co/GXDxVUn2pL
Thousands of fish being moved from a reservoir to canals and rivers in the Midlands - more on #BBCNewsSix
Paul's been in rehab since Feb. "Gambling's a mug's game" https://t.co/bpFpi0W2wh
EXCLUSIVE: Inside Britain's only residential gambling centre for severe addicts. More on #BBCNewsSix & #BBCNewsTen
In presenter's chair on @BBCPM from 5 - latest on #HurricaneIrma, + should all restaurants display hygiene ratings?
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