Michael Short

Michael Short

writer/editor/adviser/speaker. ex chief editorialist @theage. ambassador @ASRC1 @100StoryB @stkgatehouse @littledreamers @SecondBite_org. marginally bemused

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it is a big job, but I am gently coaching the bar staff of Paris on the making of drinkable coffee. the response is encouraging. #pariscoffeesucks 

stunning stuff. dazzling yet bleak, resilient yet resigned, an exquisite universal call that suggests infinite permutations yet asserts the impossibility, almost, of the emergence of any further primal ingredients, ideas. #poetry  #literature  #ideas  #ideas 

an ongoing, monstrous injustice, it is fair to say, started when the leaders of the Adass Israel School helped her avoid arrest by rushing out of the country instead of helping authorities apprehend her and protect children.

I was one. I am in error - and much company, it seems... mea culpa. there is so much evidence to condemn @POTUS  that it is believable, but it’s unjustified and superfluous


Melb gang, please help. Am in France. Phone not working. Jenny my adored dog missing in Elsternwick. house sitters on 95054404. Xm

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I am looking at a dozen or so of my fellow Australians on the train. 3 of Asian descent; 2 of African; 4 middle eastern; other hues, including mine. We have built a bloody wonderful nation. #immigration  #culture  #economics  #springst 

if you watch tonight re ‘gang p #Melbourneoblem ’, you might want to read this first, just in case program goes dishonest fear-mothering route. matters #truth  Evidence matters. #auspol  #AsylumSeekers  #Australia  #media 

it is impossible for Matthew Guy to “make sure that every Melburnian is safe”, and he knows it, but can't resist politicising human tragedy. that is not leadership via #springst  #Melbourne  #auspol 

surely chair Nick Moore & board must call out for his revolting thuggery. Stand up, people, to this sickening behavior or you are part of the problem. #LouiseHerron  #auspol  #bullying  #sackalanjones 

I welcome your moral stance on this strange & appalling person. But, minister, can you please explain how and fit, then? #Manus  #Nauru  #auspol 

blatant , disgraceful use of taxpayers’ money. Peak pork: The marginal seat where election promises add to $26,500 per voter via @theage  #auspol  @ScottMorrisonMP  #election2019  #politics  #corruption 

my final editorial for @theage  as a full-time employee, a stint I’ve relished at a place I love, before working independently between Melbourne & Paris#auspol  #politics  #economics  #Mentalhealth  #journalism